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Weekend Update ::: Hey Big Spender!

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That doesn't look like it's "on plan" now does it?  How are we almost halfway through July already? Not that I am complaining, because in like 2 weeks I'll be on another GIRL'S WEEKEND chillin' out, maxxin' out (credit credit cards) and nommin' on Juicy Nookies. Sans bun (then it counts for the most part!!!) With Sweet Potato Fries (man, they have some AMAZING fries at this joint!)

Photos via Steve's PaleoGoods

In the meantime though, I am nommin' on a few new "paleo friendly" treats from Steve's Paleo Goods. So far I have been loving his Beef Jerky. The packet is supposed to be one serving and as a snack that's even too much for me, which is mindblowing.

Photo by {accordingtoame}

Photo by {accordingtoame}

You'd think that most Beef Jerky items are no carb, right? It's just dry meat. Well, as is the way in the states, sugar and sweeteners galore are added to those things.  I could not find one commercially available (or even locally made) option that did not list sugar or HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP (!!!) in the listing and have a lot of sugar/carbs in the nutritionals! Totally aggravating.  I know that in the marinades there's often fruit juice or fruit puree. A lot of that sugar burns off in the process so none is left over on the meat. Adding it back in is just ridiculous.

Photo from Steve's Paleo Goods

When I read about this brand on Primal Palate, I went to check out the website, and ordered a few items on top of the Jerky. I am looking forward to trying the Ketchup on an organic grassfed beef hot dog from Applesomething Farms that I think you can get at Trader Joe's (can't give it all up...) and the "granola" bar this morning for breakfast. The selection of items is pretty incredible. 

Another couple Paleo-related hits for me of late have been the Nom Nom Paleo site and the Mark's Daily Apple site. Both are chock full of recipes and "how to's" that help a newb like me navigate this. I am on the hunt for the Nom Nom Paleo book as well, I was hoping my Costco might have it, as I've read it's in some locations, but so far no luck.  I might just head over to Left Bank Books, our local indie bookstore. Through the Mark's Daily Apple site, I discovered Leslie Klenke, AKA PaleoGirl. Kindred spirit in that one.  

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Over the weekend, as I unloaded my latest haul from Costco, I have figured out I am having way too much carb still, in the form of Hail Merry tarts and fruit. So I've worked on how to cut that down. I am trying to limit myself (not doing so hot here) to under 70 carb grams a day.  When we did Atkins a while ago, we did really well on it, that is, until I couldn't stand not having candy anymore. One day I went off the rails and just never got back on it.  Hopefully I am older and wiser and can get my shit in gear this time if I fall down a few steps this time. Not that I have any more self control, though.

I also opted to freeze a few of my Athlete Eats meals because I'll be travelling and had the Holiday weekend last week so I had a few spares. So I'll skip ordering the next few weeks and just eat off of those, and bring a few things to work like salads or tuna mashed with celery and avocado and a little relish. Then when I get back to normal I can reorder again.  I have only had maybe two that I didn't absolutely love. But even the small portion has been enough that sometimes I can eat half and eat the other half another day.

Changing gears to my never ending materialism and vanity... Last night I did my first Pre-Select for the Anniversary Sale, mostly beauty and accessories. I managed to hold it together pretty well. I posted photos below of what I have in hand presently and a few from the Beauty Tent.  I have my other one tonight for shoes and clothing, and my list was a bit longer for that. I have a ridiculous wardrobe so I really hope I can keep it in check.  

I am DYING for that zig zag one, I wish it was available in more than just the Mia2!!! 

So far the damage has been surprisingly tame. Mind you, some might-or will in the case of dupe sizes-go back!  But I still have another store to go to... 

Ugg Slippers, Clarisonic on top of the La Mer set, Nike Free shoes and my La Mer GWP
Not shown are the La Mer Cleansing Gels and extra heads

Full list so far including online orders--
-2 Zella Leggings, a bootcut style and a knee length fitted style (wish they were navy!)
-A Zella hoodie jacket (blue, I know, shocking)--I ordered in XL and the plus sizes because I wasn't sure. Just FYI, the 2XL is what I needed. It was surprisingly ridiculous in size. And apparently I am also in denial about my size.
-The Men's Ted Baker sweater, in dark green. I ordered two sizes since I am unfamiliar with the brand
-My favorite Wit and Wisdom jeans (they weren't quite the same as last year, so I had to go up one size, and only got one pair.)
-The Barefoot Dreams Cozy wrap in Marine and the Dark Gray color, as planned-I ordered regular L/XL and 1X bec Im not familiar with that brand. Apparently it's the "blardigan," known round the world because of Schaeffer at "Pinterest Told Me To."


Closeup showing three of the four items: 
The Eye Balm Intense, The Regenerating Serum and the Soft Cream (Cream is Full Size!)
In the above image you see item four, a face mask (in the box on the right)

-Clarisonic Plus (I SQUEALED when I found out the included brushes were Cashmere Luxe AND regular!). I also bought the "body brush extender" contraption so I could scrub my back with this thing. And surely end up in the ER. Stay tuned for that.
-La Mer Set and La Mer Cleansing Gel (well, the gel isn't on sale, I just wanted a backup, and dang it, it went up in price!)
-A Charlotte Tilbury Contour set (it screamed my name! Wayne Goss gushes about this line.)
-Nike Free shoes as planned (I bought UltraCobalt in store and ordered these neon ones). I had to go a half size up, FYI
-Ugg slippers in that grayish purple, as planned, a size up, FYI (full sizes only)

-3 of these cute Pleione tops shown above (dark purple, the teal shown above and yellow), which are AMAZING.  
-This Pleione top in two apparently now sold out patterns
-A dark purple Caslon knit blazer and I ordered the olive green one. Clinton Kelly will be proud. I did not buy one cardigan this year beyond the "blardigans."
-Three bras, which you don't need to see. But the fitter was the bomb and I wish she could move in and put my bras on for me every day.
-A Bernardo "packable" jacket. I needed a 2X in that too, though I read they run small. 
-ZigZag PJ Pants by PJ Salvage, I ordered XL from the store, they might be too small but they were SO FREAKING SOFT. 
-Some blue Sock Monkey "Munki Munki" PJs. I got XL, and they're a tad snug but Im sleeping in them so I don't care. 

And I am dying for the Rag and Bone and Burberry boots but REFUSE to cave on them. I literally hugged the R&Bs.  I just won't wear them enough.  I passed on the Frye's that were held for me because without a zipper, there's NO WAY to get them on! I gave up.  Thankfully the SAs all agree with me on that. 

Heads up::: The design for the new site is almost complete and we will be installing it over the next few days. Hopefully next week you'll see posts on the new! Please forgive me if I don't have a few next week as a result, because I want to focus on the install. 

Have a great weekend!

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