Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tech Time ::: NIX Color Sensor

Photos: NIX Sensor Facebook

One of the Kickstarters I didn't back, which ended up with an Indiegogo for Round 2 and I still didn't back, and regret not doing so so much is the NIX Color Sensor

Being a designer, color matching is a very big deal. When working with a client, a bride for example, you often would like to get ink and paper colors as close as possible to the dresses or flowers, and often end up holding your Pantone books and Pantone App up to the swatches you have, taking the best pictures you can and choosing the best match possible. 

There is often some test swatching with the printer to make sure the press is going to actually come close to the selection you've made.   Apartment Therapy had a great writeup on it, calling it the "Photoshop Eyedrop Tool in Real Life." I'd bet it's infinitely more accurate, but I like the sounds of that. 

This Video from the NIX website is a great explanation of the product:

This device aims to eliminate all that back and forth and guestimation. It's a brilliant little gizmo that you place on the color you need to get the read on, and it sends the information to the accompanying app.

The app takes the info from the sample and matches it to the insane database allowing you to find PMS matches, RGB, HSL, HSV, Lab, XYZ, HTML, or CMYK values, and paint and fabric matches from tons of manufacturers, among tons of other options for matches. So if you're looking for paint for example, as is shown in the above example, you can find matches from various brands, and then go buy it, and it  gives you local outlets to do that!  This is a designer's dream, really. 

I've had an itchy trigger on that buy now button for a while now, because this thing is brilliant and even $149 is a steal for a device that does the work for you. Learn more, or get yours, here.

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