Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tech Time ::: Glasses.com App

This post is probably a little off the beaten path compared to my typical Tech Time posts, but it is useful technology for shoppers and for people who want to make a smart purchase on quality sunglasses. 

I don't wear my Ray-Bans enough because they're not comfortable on my face.  I want to wear sunglasses to protect my eyes and eye-skin from UV rays, but for me, and this is shameful to admit: Comfort. Trumps. All. If they're not comfortable, and I feel that they're there, touching me, I will never wear them, even if the ultimate goal is sun and eye protection.

Besides general demand for comfort, I feel like I have a tough face to fit for glasses and sunglasses. I have some very, um, apple-y cheeks, and while it's flattering to be told it's due to my super high cheekbones *preens*, it's also a hindrance because my cheek apples push up glasses or get stuck under glasses easily. I know. First world problems. When I wear my aviators I pretty much walk around lookin' angry all the time (or lately, it's hangry) or like I am on CHiPs (Ponch!) to avoid the inevitable discomfort of my cheek skin getting stuck under a glasses frame. It's like a g-rated wardrobe malfunction.

So, obviously, imagine my delight with the super cool find in Sonia Gil's latest video: the Glasses.com app. As soon as I finished watching the video (below) on Thursday, I immediately downloaded the app to test out.

No one has time to go around and try on every frame in the sunglasses section at Nordstrom, and if you do, I envy your schedule. This app helps save that step, and once you complete the easy setup, you'll get a very clear visual of how a particular frame will work on your actual face. And a very clear visual of just how large your head really is!

Upon launching the app, you will be asked to set up your profile, starting with your name.  The app runs you through a series of questions to determine what you're looking for: are you looking for a man's frame or a woman's frame, glasses or sunglasses, and what style. 

Once you complete the short series of questions, the app takes you through a short video explaining how the technology works to get the dimensions of your face which are important for selecting the appropriate frame size, and the full view of your head, including the sides and front.

After you complete those steps, the app takes you through how to adjust each frame on your face, around your ears, on your nose, and turning your head to see it from the side and the front.

Once all of those steps are completed, you can click Start Over if you prefer to smile nicer, or not smile at all (they tell you not to smile but I need to to get my cheeks lifted that way!) or to move on with that set of images of yourself, click the BROWSE button on the top right, and a list of frames meeting your preselected criteria will start to load. Just scroll through and tap the ones you want to see more of, and you can select the heart for the favorites. If you find a winner, buy straight from the app.  

The Glasses.com app is a very well designed and executed app, and a very stable app.  I have not purchased any new frames or sunglasses, but visualizing new shapes and styles is a huge convenience, especially given that I have a hard time working with my cheeks to find a frame that won't move when I smile or talk, or won't trap my cheeks underneath. 

Total win! 

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