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1 ::: A few weeks ago, word about Karlie Kloss's collaboration with Warby Parker got out. One pair of her sunglasses got my attention immediately, and I have been hovering my mouse over "buy" on this gold framed pair now since. I sorta wish the line was available through so I could "try them on" via the app!  Just the other day, Molly and Sally posted about their visit to the new Warby Parker "Classroom" in Dallas, and it appears that they picked up this very pair. 

2 ::: On my recent shopping spree through Dallas with my mother in law, I stopped in to the Make Up For Ever Store, my first time ever in a free-standing MUFE store, actually.  After putzing and playing for a few minutes, the newest version of their Mist and Fix Spray, the O2. I had yet to see it in Sephora or elsewhere by then, only in this location, so I grabbed a little mini to try out, and because travelling back home would be infinitely easier with a mini I didn't have to send home.   Since returning home it has hit Sephora stores and online.   

I used to use their Mist and Fix spray off and on, alternating with the Urban Decay All-Nighter, which is usually what I use as "setting spray."  What I hated about the original Mist and Fix was that it felt very drying, and that my makeup didn't stay much longer than without it because I felt all the moisture came out of my face and the makeup just "flaked off."  This version, the O2, is definitely solving that problem for me. It's billed as a more moisturizing version of the original, and I feel like this version does a significantly better job of keeping the product I spend all morning applying on my skin.  I have been alternating it with my usual Urban Decay, and think it will be a tough call trying to decide which I go with when it's time to replenish.

3 ::: I came across Hail Merry "Miracle Tarts" while wandering aimlessly through the grocery store, looking for something sweet that was "paleo-friendly." Or at least semi-paleo, anyway. 

The tarts are vegan, gluten free and full of raw oils and goodness.  They had several varieties, but the Chocolate and Chocolate mint were most appealing to me.  The recipes are heavy on the coconut and coconut oil, but not in a manner that you are overwhelmed. It just cuts the need for other ingredients, while giving the product a ridiculously smooth and decadent texture.  I tried the Chocolate Mint last night, and despite it being enough for two servings, and being labelled as two servings, I ate the whole thing. I REALLY needed chocolate. Life lesson: don't start trying to be more compliant on a paleo style diet when you're in the throes of PMS. 

I found them with the "break and bake" cookies and there was a huge variety of the Hail Merry line along that top two shelves. I will definitely have to keep these around for days like the last several where I felt like I was going to actually die from lack of sugar.

4 ::: I cried when John Oliver left The Daily Show, as did he. It was moving and touching, and knowing he'd be back helped to heal that hole in my heart.  His new show on HBO, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, was the best way for him to come back to TV, though. Being on HBO, there's no rules, no "too far", and plenty of cussing.  It is one of the funniest shows on TV, and is a perfect way to start the week, before The Daily Show and Colbert Report come back for the week on Monday. 

5 ::: A tinted lip balm with a short, simple list of ingredients that even I can use? Hot damn!  These balm sticks from Olio E Sasso, a company out of Portland, Oregon, are a super natural way to get a flush of color on the lips, and a castor-free product that I can get behind.  I have to thank The Josie Girl for bringing these to my attention!  Now I just have to choose a color...

And if you buy from Mille (linked in the color comment) this week using BLUESKY, everything is 10% off!

What's on your radar lately?

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