Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Loving Right Now :::


1 ::: I have been on a yogurt kick lately and Noosa is my current yogurt du jour.  I love the Lemon and the Strawberry Rhubarb.  It's billed as Aussie-style which I didn't realize was a "style," made by the company in Colorado.  The texture is creamy and thicker than regular yogurt, but not overly thick like Greek styles. It packs a great amount of nutrition in a little plastic tub.  

The portion size is much larger than is typical and makes it a little more hearty and filling, though for more calories than others. I often eat it with a small PBJ and some almond milk, and kind of cover my bases.  

2 ::: I am a rabid fan of the Flight001 Spacepak system, but I also recently started incorporating a few items from Eagle Creek's Specter line.  Every single time I fly/travel, I feel like I learn something new about our packing situation and I am always trying to streamline that technique.  I take that as a fun challenge: How can I pack all of this crap in a more compact manner without making our bags any heavier.

The Eagle Creek website has several items on sale at present, and there's a huge travel sale going on at Container Store, including a ton of Eagle Creek.  I used those sales to pick up some of the new Eagle Creek Speckter packing cube items, as well as some folding boards (for folding shirts that I won't roll down) and a few other little odds and ends.

I've also been transitioning my liquid toiletries into specific 3-1-1 clear packing pouches (it's a hair large but so far so good) vs my beloved Truffle pouches for more TSA compliance. I've only once been told something about using the Truffle pouches (more along the lines of "lady you have too many toiletries") and they didn't enforce it, and using my Truffle pouches for other things like chargers and dry goods because they pack flatter that way. I also have some of the Specter sacks I am going to try for things like chargers as well, to see which is more compact in the end. I like that the Truffle pouches seem like they're protecting my cables though.  

My Petite Clarity is now in my purse full time, stowing my ridiculous array of Altoids Minis, my keys when I travel, my Skiva pocket charger (stay tuned for that!) and my Well-Kept wipe stash.

And because I just cannot segue out of that and into this...

3 ::: Speaking of nice smelling stuff...let me introduce you to PooPourri. Brilliance in a bottle.  I first encountered this product in a salon bathroom about 3 years ago, and literally laughed out loud. And then I went and bought it.  

It's both a hilarious gag gift and a functional product, all with a stellar advertising campaign online to sell this genius product.  The names of each of the varieties are hilarious. And, yes, it works. 

This was, like, the in-one-end-and-out-the-other episode of Loving Right Now, wasn't it?

Time to shower!

4 ::: I am a HUGE fan of the Dove Winter Care body wash I have amassed a stockpile of. But with the weather warming up, I felt like I should save some of this stockpile for the cooler and drier months and try something lighter, and perhaps greener.  

I happened upon a great deal at Costco for a two-pack of Honest Company's Shampoo and Body Wash, and decided to try it, since it's been on my list of to-try Honest products for a while. Not so much for my hair, but for my body. I figured towards the end of a cycle I can give that a try as shampoo.  (I've seen their diapers there, as well. Just FYI)

As a body wash, it's spectacular (like I said, I haven't washed my hair with it) and the smell is heavenly. It's the same delicious dreamsicle scent as the leave in conditioner I love. My skin feels clean and not at all dried out when I get out of the shower thanks to the inclusion of Coconut Oil, among other humectant ingredients. 

So now that we're back to being clean...

5 ::: I just saw a blurb in Cosmo about Living Proof releasing a new Prime: Spray format.  I immediately hauled my ass over to to check it out, and will likely be hauling my actual ass over to Sephora the store this weekend to put a small dent in my birthday gift card to pick up a bottle. 

I use (and LOVE) Living Proof's Prime Style Extender most days, because it really does help keep the humidity from making my hair look pathetic and even though I use no other styling products, it keeps the curl intact through a whole day--which would not happen otherwise. It sometimes also helps me not look so gross if I skip a shampoo day and just wash my face and body without even getting my hair wet. The spray is billed as a lighter version of the original that's intended for fine hair, which I have. I don't find the cream particularly heavy, though I use no more than a nickle-sized blob so maybe that's why. Will update when I've tried it out!

6 ::: While on a mini-spree at Neiman Marcus in Texas recently, I finally splurged on a Diptique Figuier Candle. I *love* the smell of figgy products, and while I am not at all a candle burning kind of person, I could not pass it up despite it being a ridiculous frivolity.  

It's sitting unburned still, but I have it dazzling the shelves of my big bookcase in the office at home.  I have been strongly debating the Hourglass Diffuser for my office at work, where even unburned candles are not allowed.  And maybe also the Room Spray...or this little roll-on perfume oil...Yes, I realize that's insanity. Good thing I have gift cards!

What's been catching your eye lately?

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  1. you must try Tocca Candles from sephora, they are amazing even if you do not light them!

    also, a new hair care product called "crack" available at ulta and amazon. it really smooths my color treated hair and makes it feel so silky smooth =)

    1. I will check that out. You definitely need the moisture with your hair blond.

      I have smelled quite a few Toccas in my time. I need to hit up Lafco the next time I am in DFW or NYC. They have Santa Maria Novella which I think is pretty spectacular as well.


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