Thursday, January 9, 2014

Top Secret ::: Dove Winter Care Body Wash

For the last couple of years, Dove has released a "Winter Care" version of it's top selling body wash. It's a richer, more luxurious version of the original Deep Moisture version, and one that helps skin retain more moisture through the driest and most bitterly cold months.

I am a regular Dove Body Wash user anyway, but I have taken quite a bit to the Winter Care version, leaning more towards them even in the Summer. I love the fresh smell, and I love that my lotion-averse self stays slightly less bone-dry year round as a result. 

I spent many hours out in the subzero weather on Monday shoveling my waist deep driveway, and probably will have the pleasure of shoveling again today since we got another few inches (no accumulation my ass!) and by the time I got finished and took my warm shower, there wasn't enough lotion on earth.  My legs were chapped and red and dry as could be (and probably mildly frostbitten, did you know stretchy corduroys are a terrible choice to shovel in? Now you do!) I waited for them to return to "room temperature" before I got into the shower, and lathered up. 

I felt almost normal again afterwards.  But then all my muscles and joints started to realize the work they just put in as I laid in bed watching my marathon of Golden Girls and Unique Sweets on the DVR and wanted to cry if I so much as blinked!  By the way, I want to visit Dominque Ansel bakery the next time I am in NYC for that amazing soufflĂ© thing with the chocolate inside the brioche. Oh my gosh! 

Back to subject...When you squeeze out the little glob onto your sponge, washcloth or into your hands, and you really don't need much, that glamour shot above is a little overkill, you'll notice immediately that it's thicker and richer than the other versions of their wash. As soon as you introduce the water and it starts to lather, the foam is thicker and more billowy, like a meringue or something. You can tell this stuff is going to condition your skin better than any other wash out there. 

I cannot even imagine changing back to the "regular" Dove wash after using this stuff, it just feels so decadent. As decadent as a body wash can be, I guess!

Anyone else a fan of the Winter Care version of Dove? It's the little things!

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