Monday, January 6, 2014

Must Have ::: Ugg Classic Shearling Gloves

All photos by {accordingtoame}

Last year, right around this time, my good ole trusty Isotoners finally breathed their last breath on me, coughing out an "I quit, tell my wife and kids I love them!", right as a horrible weather event was rolling in.  They weren't in the best shape, nor were they particularly warm, but I'd had them for what seemed like ever, and striking out to find new gloves wasn't high on my priority list.

I had a few Nordstrom gift cards burning a hole in my wallet, and decided that would be a good purchase to make. So I meandered through the accessories department at Nordstrom, trying on gloves, yaying and naying as I went.  I had won a pair of "tech gloves" from iMore last Fall, and while they were nice, they weren't warm enough for me, nor did they stay particularly dry either, and I am not in a climate that is consistently dry. I also didn't see much point in having tech gloves, since I just don't take my phone out in adverse conditions. 

As I wandered around the department, surely making the salesperson wonder if calling security was going to be necessary, I happened upon a pair of nice suede and shearling Ugg Classic gloves, this same style but in a different color and a smaller size, and thought "hey, this might be a good one."  They were warm, they felt really sturdy and like they'd last for a long time.  I was thinking these would be the "ones", if I found them in my size, and maybe not in this color.  And then I saw the price. I put them down immediately and continued looking.

To be fair, $160.00 for a pair of gloves was ridiculous, is ridiculous.  But as I drove home--gloveless--I decided that they were worth having since I was spending a gift card on them, and frankly, after ordering my size online, getting them home and then using them the first time, they were worth every single penny.  I try to be the "buy fewer quality items, and less inexpensive items" person when it comes to thinks like this, and my old gloves often went unused because they weren't exactly helpful, especially when they got even a little wet, despite feeling like they were pretty expensive up front.  I actually use these, wet or dry, and feel like my hands are actually kept fairly warm when the temperature is a balmy 10 degrees, so when I do that cost-per-use equation, they end up being less expensive in the end.  

Considering most of the midwest--us included--just got a good dumping upon by those Winter Storms the weather people called Hercules and Ion, and there's another storm on the way, this post which I scheduled, like, a month ago, couldn't have been more perfectly timed, and these gloves couldn't be more loved. 

Case in point::: 

I shot that out my front peephole about 1/3-1/2 of the way through the snowfall. We got roughly a foot at my house, which is insane.  I was planning all this last month to reshoot the photo above of me with my hot chocolate while the snow was falling, but around that time is when the temperature drop this storm brought with it (negative temps!) started blowing in, and I decided to not risk my camera or fall on my head out there, and I didn't want my husband having to bundle up and mess with it either.  I decided to stay inside and enjoy some of the (ridiculously huge batch of) soup I made Saturday night instead, which I posted a photo of on Instagram. And for those who asked, I am probably going to post it on here, despite it being only "semi homemade."

I put them to the true test though this morning, to shovel my way out of this disaster. My driveway, with snowdrifts, is 4 ft deep at the base. I tackled most of that first, though I still have a lot of deep snow to dig out in the area between the two houses. I am on a break right now, to post this photo. 

My pair is in Chestnut, and sure, they could use a good cleaning, but they go with everything, they hold up to everything, and they have become a trusty winter staple for me. For someone who is usually pretty glove-averse, I actually reach right into my pocket now on cold days, and immediately put them on.

For sizing reference, I have long and apparently pretty big hands. I ordered these in Large and they are perfect. Just snug enough, but not so snug that the fuzzy shearling inside gets matted down.  I tried on Medium originally, and was made aware quickly that I am not a Medium, in anything.  They are not small or dainty gloves, but I wasn't really looking for that, either. I wanted something that would keep me warm and dry and these do just that, which is why, for me, they're a Must Have.

What's one of your winter weather must haves?

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