Monday, January 20, 2014

Must Have ::: Muji Acrylic Cases

All photos by {accordingtoame}

You may have seen me mention Muji in the past, I know I did in the post about the Great Closet Cleanout 2013. But if you're new around here, let it be well known that I am a huge Muji fan, despite not having a store in this city, and bought most of what I own from them via their website. Yay technology!

My favorite Muji "find" thus far has got to be my Acrylic Drawer units which I use to store makeup, brushes, skincare products, and a whole lot more. I first came across them on a trip to NYC and sadly had no way to transport them safely home, so I left them behind, pining for them all the while.  I ordered mine in their online shop not long after we returned home, but thankfully well before the mad rush happened with Kim Kardashian and the start of the acrylic drawer trend, and I am glad I did since for a while after the world saw hers, they couldn't keep them in stock. And they've sat in their bubble wrap for a while, years actually, just waiting for me to begin the "Great Closet Cleanout (of 2013.)"

 Measurements with my Navy Poppin ruler

What made me fall in love with these, specifically, besides being able to see clearly everything inside, is the size, the layout, and the quality workmanship.  They're very well built, surprisingly sturdy and perfectly sized for organizing makeup and brushes. I don't own many items that don't comfortably fit inside the drawers but the few that don't I have set inside the 2-drawer option with the top-opening lid, which I didn't photograph for this post, and realized that after the fact.  

To show stacking, the 2 drawer on top of the 5 drawer.

They also stack beautifully, and if my closet shelving was laid out differently I'd probably have more units stacked on top of what I presently have.

For reference, I own a 5-Drawer  unit, a 3-drawer unit, two of the 2-drawer units and 1 of the top-opening lid 2-drawer unit. I don't thankfully have enough makeup to stuff into all of these, the 3 drawer unit is devoted to other items, but here are photos to show what can fit inside, and for scale. If I had thought to shoot images of the 2-drawer with the top lid that opens, you'd see my foundation/powder/concealer and some skincare items. 

In the closet

I wouldn't have been able to reorganize my closet as well as I did without these, and I am so glad I bought them way back when, even if they did sit in bubble wrap off in the corner for, like, ever, just waiting for their day. They're beautiful and sturdy and amazing. And a total Must Have.

Anyone else a huge fan of this product from Muji, or of Muji in general?

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