Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wednesday Wow ::: "Pink Star" Diamond

Back when the news hit about the Pink Star Diamond going up for auction, my interest was immediately piqued. It sold for $83Million, to diamond cutter Isaac Wolf, shattering records on diamond sales. Obviously, this is a completely rare stone, not just in terms of estimated value and rarity, but because of it's incredible size and color.  

Pink diamonds are rare enough as it is, but to find one in this size, that is this flawless and this vivid in color is quite spectacular.  There's simply nothing else like it.  It's received the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)'s highest color and clarity grades for a pink diamond, and is said to be the largest internally flawless fancy vivid pink that the GIA has ever graded.  

Even more important in its value determination: this spectacular Pink Star diamond is also a Type IIa, lending it to greater optical transparency and making it more chemically pure. All of those things add up to immense provenance.  If you recall, I posted Wednesday Wow from a few weeks back which was Kim Kardashian's new stunner from Kanye West. That stone is also a Type IIa diamond. 

There is a great video on Sotheby's YouTube about this stone as well.

Source: Sothebys You Tube

It surely is a sight to behold. I am generally not a colored diamond fan, but this one is so incredible, that I'd certainly give it my full attention.  

I'll just let the images speak for themselves...sourced where I found a source.

Image, AFP

Image, Andy Rain / EPA, via MSNBC and

Tell me that is not to die for!

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