Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What I Am LOVING Right Now :::

Photos in my collage: Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve,, 
Screenshot of the Grammy Telecast, via True Detective Instagram, 
Screenshot of the Delta Safety Video,

1::: This soul-sucking polar vortex from hell is making me actually need lotion on my body, no matter how revolting I find the feeling of it on my skin. That's probably the start of a therapy session right there... 

Anyway...the first product thus far to make that task less of an ordeal, and keep me from running immediately to shower it back off (this is huge, less billable hours!), is Chagrin Valley Soap and Salve's Whipped Shea Butter. I love the natural scent, and I am scraping the last dregs of it from my gorgeous glass jar before I order another. Though this time, I might go for the vanilla bean, since I've heard it smells like heaven.  Sidebar: Use it out of the shower after you blot your skin dry. Not inside the shower. Or you will potentially end up with a "situation." Just, yknow, a piece of friendly advice. It is a glass jar full of whipped oils, after all. 

2::: Since it's been so freakin' cold out, my usual breakfasts were not doing the trick. What is it about cold that makes you a ravenous lunatic constantly foraging for food? My old fallback breakfast, Steel Cut Oatmeal, especially when mixed with dried berries/cherries and some chopped nuts (pecans, walnuts, sliced almonds), seems to be doing the trick for me almost every morning lately.  It's probably because it's carby and I had mostly been off  carbs. Ohh, carbs.

I usually start a batch on the stove when I get up, and pack it up when it cools down a little, so that by the time I leave it's a manageable enough temperature to carry out the door.  Once I get to work, I reheat it and mix in my berries and nuts and dig in. I am going to try doing it in the crockpot overnight soon and see how that works for prep. 

3::: Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert performing "SAME LOVE", while Queen Latifah officiates 33 wedding ceremonies live at the Grammys.  The song "Same Love" and its lyrics blew me away the first time I heard it on the radio.  So while I don't otherwise listen to them (not really in my wheelhouse), I am a huge fan of them as people and what they stand for.  And I have an incredible amount of respect for them. I linked to the Hollywood Reporter since they might be one of the few with the permission to show a video.

Their performance and the huge, history-making stand they made with the marriages...that was incredible. I get chills re-watching it, and tear up just like I did when it originally aired. I cheered and clapped louder than I have at any event in my life. I took a screenshot of this telecast for this collage, and I was deliberate when I made that number small in the corner because I didn't want to cover up any of that emotion on those newly wed faces! 

In the same vein, this is pretty incredible. Maybe his bravery will open up the floodgates and professional and college athletes will feel less pressure to conceal their identities. And maybe there will be a little more acceptance of humanity. 

4:::  Strange segue, but my husband and I are completely friggin' addicted to True Detective on HBO, and cannot wait to see how this series progresses, even though I am a little bummed they're doing it anthology style (with each season featuring a different cast of characters and story). As if this comes as a surprise looking at the cast, IT. IS. AMAZING. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are absolutely flawless in these roles and the story is incredible. 

Besides the show being riveting, HBO is doing a great job with social media surrounding it as well, setting up a Twitter account for both the main characters, Rust and Marty and then another for the show, plus an Instagram account.  You must check it out.

5::: Delta's new totally 80's in-flight safety video. I embedded it above, but if not, the link is to the left. Even if it turns out not to be real, or ever used, it is HILARIOUS.  

6::: While I am loving my Whitney English Day Designer, I happened to spot this planner from Laurel Denise recently that had an interesting layout. I am not sure if it would have enough room for my list making but I liked the way it was setup, especially with full view of the month available all the time.

What's catching your eye lately?

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  1. Good stuff! Love the advice on how to avoid a "situation." Lol

    1. A disclaimer is definitely necessary!


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