Friday, January 10, 2014

Fashion Fix ::: Back to Base-ics

I learned (the hard way) this week with this hellish temperature range we experienced, plus the mounds of snow I shoveled, that I am ill prepared for this kind of weather. Which is odd because I've lived here almost my entire life, and it's not like snow and super-cold temperatures are out of the question.

My husband looked at my bright red, mildly frostbitten thighs the other day and said "how do you not have long underwear or a baselayer!?" Funny, since he himself does not own such an item. I do know that I have some kind of Cuddleduds option, which are really pajamas in this case, and won't do a lot of good for me versus the weather the better part of America just dealt with!  So when he looked at me and said "babe, you really need to buy some long underwear or something, since you're a lunatic who can't not shovel that mess every time," I decided I probably should start researching this stuff (or hire a company to plow my driveway and then I can just dig my car out.)

While poking around the net, I have come across a few options on LL Bean, Lands End, Smartwool and Ice Breakers...but I had no idea where to even begin. I have learned from my research that cotton is not the ideal base layer, and you want a synthetic or a wool blend, for the wicking of moisture, where cotton absorbs it, and can freeze and chafe.  A friend, and fellow blogger, knowing of my issues with wool (we don't play well), immediately ruled out the Ice Breaker and Smartwool offerings and suggested an option from Patagonia.

Photos via Zappos

What appeals to me about the Patagonia option she recommended, Capilene, is that it is made from recycled plastic soda bottles. I like the sound of that, especially if I gain the needed warmth from a "green" option.  She recommended I go with Capilene 3 which is a mid-weight option, one step below the highest weight.  On that suggestion, I've ordered myself a bottom, as well as a Capilene 2 top (that was deliberate) and IF we get another "polar vortex", I will give this stuff a pretty fair test. 

Until they arrive, I will just hope that the giant mountains of snow, that are in some places taller than buildings, melt by June, while I snuggle under my electric blanket and share some cheesecake with Blanche. 

What are your favorite base layer and long underwear options?  Those from the colder regions up north surely have a few great suggestions!

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