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What's in Her Bag? ::: Ashley Rath of Dishy Events

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I've known the beautiful Ashley Rath for many years, we're former coworkers in the marketing and advertising worlds, going well beyond our years both working in the wedding industry. I've always known her to be incredibly well organized, so when I learned of her foray into event planning with her company Dishy Event Planning, I cannot say I was at all surprised.  Lucky brides, I'd say.

When I was thinking about the next focus for this column, and how I really wanted to keep it within my industry a little more, an event planner was a natural choice, especially one like Ashley. We decided that her "day of event" purse would be a great idea, since it's more industry appropriate.  

I'll let her explain from here what she carries to each event, and the great reasoning behind why everyone needs an Aim 'n' Flame. 

Here's Ashley!

"Hi everyone! I wasn't quite sure what Ame had in mind when she contacted me about this, but hopefully this is a fun little peek into a different world.  My purse is a very condensed version of my wedding day emergency kit, which is a lot bigger and filled with more goodies. What I carry in this one, though, are things I usually need on hand at any given moment on a wedding day.

Kate Spade "Primrose Hill Arica" Handbag (no longer available, similar options: here, here and here) ::: I was looking for an elegant black bag, one that was not too big to look appropriate at work or too small to be useful. When I saw this one, on sale no less, I snatched it right up. It fits everything I need, and still has room for any little extras I might need. I love that I can also use it for date nights with my husband and a girl's night out. 

Kate Spade "Mikas Pond Stacy" Wallet ::: I'll admit, I mostly went for this wallet because I love the color. It's fun and I can find it easily in this purse and in my daily purse, which can sometimes get buried under my daughter's toys and snacks. Obviously, a wallet is necessary anyway, but I carry my regular wallet to events because I never know what I'll have to pay for and, well, yknow, the drivers license and all, because I try not to get tickets while working.

Chapstick ::: I'm a Chapstick addict, but it has to be the blue Chapstick only. If I'm at your wedding, working or even as a guest, you'll see me put in on every hour on the hour. Like I said, addicted.

My iPhone ::: In the movie, The Wedding Planner, Jennifer Lopez used a headset.  In real life, I use my cell phone all day to keep in touch with vendors and my assistants. It's my walking Rolodex, maintains my schedule and my to-do list for each event, and gives me the ability to quietly text/email as needed mid-ceremony, to put out any mid-event fires.  It's a lifesaver.

Aim 'n' Flame Lighter ::: Unbelievably practical and gets used way more than I ever expected it would. Sure, it seems like an odd choice, but sometimes venues don't have their own long lighters and when the design of the event calls for lighting dozens of votives, a cigarette lighter just won't cut it.  I stocked up at Target with these $1 lighters, and make sure we have at least one on each of us at every event, just in case. 

Sharpie Pens ::: Necessities!  You never know when you're going to need a guest book pen, last minute place card fix or "reserved sign". Just because of the "never knows", I like to keep two types of sharpie pens on hand. (Ame interjection: Necessity is a total understatement! I have literally every color they make, for similar situations. I try to make sure I have the colors for every event I work with on hand, just to make sure that I am covered for day-of emergencies.)

Dishy Business Cards ::: I never leave home without them! You never know who you'll meet at an event, when you'll meet another vendor out and about, or when the next wedding you're hired to plan will pop up. 

Tape ::: I've taped everything from jewelry to cuff links, and even hemmed a dress or two at the last minute. Something is always bound to break on a wedding day and clear tape provides a quick fix that won't show up in your photos. 

Gum ::: Bad breath? Not good at a wedding. I always carry gum for the wedding party or occasional flower girl request. This one is my personal favorite. Just make sure to spit it out before the ceremony and before posing for any photos!

Kleenex ::: A must have for the potential teary-eyed mom (or dad) of the bride. No planner worth her salt leaves home without a stock of these.  

Scissors ::: From snipping loose string on a dress, to cutting up ribbon for last-minute extra favors, scissors are the most requested item on a wedding day. "

Thanks, Ashley, for spilling the contents of your "event day" purse for us!

If anyone needs an amazing event planner in the St. Louis area, give Dishy Event Planning a call!

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