Thursday, January 30, 2014

Trend Worth Trying ::: Subtle Nail Art

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I am generally not a nail person, and if I do my nails at all, it's usually a really sheer pale pink with shimmer or I "go for it" with a dark shimmery purple, like the Dior I showed off a couple months back.  I've seen a few interesting looks lately that have made me consider branching out a little.  Hell, if Snoop Dogg can get into nail art...maybe I should, too.

Via E! Online

Clearly, nails are the "new frontier" for personality. For the last few Red Carpets on E!, I've noticed that they now have a "mani cam" setup for the celebrities they interview to "walk" their hands down a dedicated Red Carpet just for their hands. Some celebrities flip the camera off while others really strut their hands down that runway.  

Photo via Essie Nails

Now, I am not exactly as brave as Snoop, or as Zooey Deschanel who really rocks her nail art. But I could probably get behind the subtle "punk rock" french mani that Olivia Wilde brought out for the Met Gala, or the "ombre" metallic nails Monica Potter wore to the Globes, shown here.

Poking around Instagram I found a few more looks I might be able to pull off with a few modifications, even if only on an accent nail with the rest of my nails in a more subtle sheer or solid. 

Are you a fan of nail art? Do you get really wild with it, or are you more subtle?  Where do you find your ideas?

UPDATED 1.31.14::: Apparently this post was on to something when I wrote it a while back! Because Allure just posted this later yesterday afternoon.

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