Thursday, November 21, 2013

Test Driven ::: Dior Diorific Vernis in Minuit

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A few weeks back I mentioned something about a dark oxblood nail that Elin Kling rocks, and how chic that was. I am not a nail person, though I wish I was because I'd look infinitely more together than I do on an average day, but this color, like Chanel Malice of last year's collections, really caught my eye and after seeing Sabrina's swatching on The Beauty Lookbook (if you don't read that blog, seriously, why not?!)

I was in the deepest throes of lust.

For not being a "nail person," I was crushing pretty hard.  I had it on my "Loving Right Now" list and post.  I had it in my shopping cart on and and battled myself for three days over getting it, knowing I might use it twice.'s LIMITED EDITION.

I mean, come on with that gorgeous creature. 

And that threw me right into the "checking out now." I ended up going with Nordstrom because I decided to get myself a couple new pairs of the aforeblogged flappy butt jeans, which they had in stock at the store I typically get my alterations done at. So, a few clicks later...I had ordered a couple sizes in the jeans for in-store pickup, as well as this beautiful orb of deep polish. I told myself if it wasn't all that I would just return it right then.

Photos by {accordingtoame}

So, you're thinking, "well, what happened when you got there to retrieve it?"

What happened was that I was so glad that I went for it and this thing was so not getting returned.  It is the perfect deep burgundy with great golden reddish sparkles. In the bottle they almost register to me as gold glitter, which is why I was thinking that line of BS about possibly returning if it wasn't all that. Yea we both agree that's a line of BS at this point, right?  But on the nail they're so much smaller and more subtle.   This bottle is exquisite, feels in the hand, and the color inside looks like the most expensive and amazing wine.

Since I picked this up on a Friday night, I waited til the next morning to test it out. And I was thrilled that the weather was freakin' fantastic.  I painted my pinky nails, just bare, no base coat, no top coat, just to see what it looked like.  I will say that two coats was almost still sheerish on me. It took three coats to really get the fabulous color on the nail that both me and Sabrina achieved. But boy, I loved it even more on. Inside light, they sparkle is there but not THERE.  The color is more purple in some lights and more red in others.

Outside in the's like an explosion of gorgeous.

Photo: The Beauty Look Book

Later that afternoon, I removed the little mini swatch that made me look like a nut with just my pinkies done, and the following weekend (this past weekend) did my full hands with basecoat and after I finished, put on once coat of Dior's gel topcoat. Normally I am ridiculously rough on my hands, and any manicures, so I'll be curious to see how long it takes me to destroy this polish job. As of time of this posting, it's been on for 6 full days with only tip wear and a little cuticle area "lifting". I plan to remove it tomorrow night after I do my hair, but that for me is a record I think.  It's jarring to see polish on these hands!

Above are my "modeling shots" for reference. Yes, her hands are significantly more elegant and mine are much more manly and worn so I apologize for making you lose your lunch on that horrifying difference, especially in application quality...eesh. I suck at painting my nails!  She probably puts hand lotions on regularly, too.  She also probably cares about her nails and stuff. I don't. 

Bottom line::: So. Worth. The. Money.

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