Friday, November 15, 2013

Weekend Update ::: I Love Makeup!

Video: ILoveMakeup Channel

Surely by now, dear reader, you have picked up that I am a vain woman. I simply love beauty products. And love all the accoutrements. It's kind of a sickness. But it's also damn fun.

::: Bobbi Brown launched a new Youtube channel recently called I Love Makeup, and it is FANTASTIC.   It's a channel much like a tv channel loaded with a bunch of different "series". One of my favorites is the "Makeup and Go!" which are little quick tutorials for everyday looks and seasonal looks that can work with your everyday face.  I LOVE that Bobbi's collaborators on this channel are women and men of all ethnicities.  Awesome, awesome, AWESOME.  Check it out!

::: Another great beauty-related site everyone who loves makeup should immediately go check out is Heather Davern Makeup,  a FABULOUS blog by a gorgeous blonde from Dublin, Ireland. There are tons of product reviews and gorgeous tutorials, especially of eye looks, and while some look pretty wild, many are easily adaptable for everyday.   When I am looking for inspiration for a new color combination, or new products to test out, she's one of my go-to resources.   She and I have similar coloring, which also gives me an idea of how things will look on my skin and helps me before I rush out and buy. Seriously, check it out! Get inspired!

::: I recently learned that the Rosy Lips Vaseline Lip Therapy that has been available for a while in Europe/UK and has been taunting us over in the US for at least a year now is FINALLY available stateside as of the beginning of November. And of course, like the beauty addict that I am, I had to have it. After striking out at CVS and Walgreens, I found it at Target in a little display box alongside the Vaseline and body lotion products, in the most adorable little jar. 

Photos by {accordingtoame}

It's the great Vaseline product you know and love in a diminutive little jar, and with a great rosy tint. It's very subtle on the lips, but gives a slight bump. For me, it is about the only lip product I'll be using anyway, so I'll take the slight tint.  In that photo of me below, I have it on my bottom lip so you can see a difference between my top and bottom lips. It's not super obvious but it's there!  Sidebar::: You notice so many weird quirks about your face when you take closeup shots like this. 

::: One of the greatest things about the "Holiday Season," yknow, besides togetherness and family drama, is the new collections of beauty and fashion that come out of it.


This year, one of the collections that I got the biggest thrill out of was the Sonia Kashuk collection for Target, with the Emerald Jewel version of that fantastic Completely Organized Grande cosmetic bag I won't shut up about already, and some FABULOUS gold handled makeup brushes. I stalked the Emerald bag until I found it locally and IMMEDIATELY snatched it for myself. I now have myself a small collection of Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized bags. My husband is looking at me like I am a hoarder. What of it.

The other standout products in the Sonia Kashuk holiday collection are the gold hairbrush--which is, for all intents and purposes, even better than the Mason Pearson and for a hell of a lot better price, and from what I understand is a favorite of the Kardashian girls, especially Khloe (scroll down)--and the limited edition "Eye on Neutral" shadow palette, which puts the Eye on Neutral matte and shimmer palettes into one for less than the two together would cost you.  I have the shimmer palette and LOVE it (I don't do mattes much).  It's a seriously affordable and amazing alternative to the Urban Decay Naked Palette. So if you like mattes and shimmers, get your hands on this Limited Edition mix palette which combines both. Seriously, get it now! 

::: Speaking of Holiday 2013 collections, next week I'll have a little test drive out about a freaking ah-mazing Dior polish I picked up from their Holiday collection.  I waited ever patiently for my Fall weddings to be mostly wrapped up before I opened that gorgeous jewel of a bottle and gave it a little joyride. My gosh, it was so worth the wait! Stay tuned for swatches, photos and thoughts. Yea, I'm gonna make you go without a photo on that one for a week.

::: And as if Sonia Kashuk doesn't hit it out of the park enough, and yes I realize I am way ahead of the game having just spoke of HOLIDAY collections...I just saw a preview of the Spring collection on Sonia's Instagram...Guess what--at least THREE COLORS of the Grande Completely Organized. Must. Have. All. Of. Them.  I am also super intrigued by the lip/cheek balm stick!  The Spring Collection is due to hit Target Stores and in March 2014, check out her Instagram or Facebook for any and all details. You know I will be CONSTANTLY checking stock and stalking stores to get my hands on these beauties. 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. OMG. I NEED the neutral shimmer palette or the holiday one! I also need the rosy lips and I love that pic of you! :D

    1. Thanks!!! I felt very..."naked" without a full face of spackle! I almost didn't post it! The Vaseline is with all the Vaseline/Body Lotion stuff at Target, near the makeup at least at mine.

      The Shimmer Palette I THINK is "permanent" collection, I've seen it in the regular section at Target still. It's pretty rad. It's also much more travel friendly than the Naked palette with similar colors.


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