Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Update ::: What's in a Number?

I hope you are all recovering from the sugar-fueled festivities of last night! I know I am still recovering from my Girls Weekend, and a brewing cold of some kind, so that sugar coma kind of just piled on! 

That video kinda sums me up right now...but it was WORTH IT.

::: My Whitney English Day Designer arrived yesterday, and just last week so did the Month Tabs I ordered from Cactus Scraps on Etsy (thanks to Cheryl Luckett for the heads up on these!!!)  Just as I had seen around the web from the others who bought this gorgeous book, the packaging was amazing, including instructions for use and storage.  I was really relieved it was well packaged in plastic as well, since my mailman left it right under a great stream of pouring rain where it sat all day!  Based on Cheryl's idea, I might follow suit and go with some Washi Tape myself.  I will follow up on this after I get myself "set up" and acclimated. 

::: Amazon opened a Luxury Beauty Store a few weeks back that is worth a look. I am generally an Amazon-avoider, but it is certainly a nice addition to that site. A good array of higher end brands to choose from, with Nars being the highest-end offering. Pricing is the same as it would be elsewhere.

::: Speaking of beauty related stuff...I posted a couple times in the last few weeks about the Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized  cosmetic bag I bought at Target, yknow, the Fall Limited Edition Grande purple one. Well it seems that my posting that set off a flurry of interest, because not only did my friends and I spend an evening touring Minneapolis area Target stores over the weekend to obtain one for each of them after they saw mine in person, but I have gotten an incredible amount of Tweets, Facebook messages and emails asking me where to find them.

That's a sticky question. The remaining stock is now on clearance and it's sold out online. My best advice--check in store stock in the app or online, as it's sold-out online, and if it says "in stock" go look.  It might not be with all the Sonia Kashuk stuff though, it might be on a random endcap of clearance merchandise somewhere else in the store. I have found a couple more than way for other friends, and that's where we found the additional ones over the weekend.  All the stores appear to have a TON of the smaller navy blue one (it's like 6" wide, max) and the fuschia "tube" one, but the large purple is a hot commodity so if you find it, even full price, grab it!

::: Out of actual necessity, I finally ordered some new pants for work, the Artist and Kick Boot pants from Well, in store at Mall of America, and then re-placed online. Mostly because I realized that the completely disinterested teen who did my order in the store didn't apply any discounts I had, nor did she bother putting in my correct information, so I couldn't track it online. They couldn't do adjustments by phone and just said to return those items in store for a refund, but they were able to give me some info, as in "we saw your online order matched up with the credit card used in store and got the accurate information on your address and email address that way." So then they could actually send me my stuff. She had my license and I repeated my email address like 10 times--and despite it being simple, this order seriously took like 45 was absurd. Anyway...I think my coworkers will be happy to not see the saggy butt pants I have been wearing lately.

I ordered size 14s. That's a good number, I guess. Smaller than before, not as small as I'd like to be. However...they're REAAAAAAAALLLY tight in the stomach but they fit great everywhere else. I am afraid to size up, not only for the fact that they'll be 16s and I thought I was getting lower than that sizewise, but because I don't want them to be giving me a saggy butt!  Since there was a 31% off code for yesterday only, I used it to get the 16s, just to compare. I get the online reorder today, so I can see if the sizing is consistent or not before returning most of this stuff.

I am having a mental war with the fact that I might seriously need size 16s still though, see video above.... I get that this brand is kind of geared towards juniors, but I really hoped I was doing better with this diet than I really appear to be. I should weight SIGNIFICANTLY less than I do by now, and I feel like I have hit my wall where I have lost all my self control and want nothing but junk all the time. I am hovering between 25-30 lbs lost and yes that should be something worthy of pride, but for some reason, to me, it's NOT. I am angry that it's not a bigger number. I can't even bring myself to log in to My Fitness Pal to log weights or food because I'll see the number I was, and not where I am.

::: Having just flown, the news that the FAA finally allows the use of iPads, airplane mode phones, and laptops during takeoff and landing, as long as you hold on to them, is pretty timely. I wasn't overly concerned about the short period of time during takeoff and landing that I would be "without," but sometimes, if it's rough, I really need the distraction of a movie or music. I cannot read the whole flight, especially not during takeoff and landing, and I cannot sleep on planes, and anyone who has ever had to sit near me is aware of why.

Have a great weekend, can you believe it's November already?! Absurd how fast this year flew by.

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