Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Update ::: Shop til we drop!

Some life changes happened with our family this week resulting in some last minute Thanksgiving week changes from the norm, in that we usually spend this week with my in-laws and instead, they came home to St. Louis. While we are absolutely glad that we were with them home with us, we are sad about the circumstances that prompted the rearrangement of the holiday plans. The holidays have been sort of somber for this clan in recent years.  I am glad to report that they did arrive safely back down south after their visit home and I am eternally grateful to my parents for hosting a joint family Thanksgiving on Wednesday so they could have a nice meal and togetherness.

::: That little guy up there sure is adorable isn't he, all sprawled across me and soundly sleeping?  Well I blinked and he's turning TWO today, that adorable and hilarious and brilliant little squishbug.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUG!!!  We love you! I had so much fun playing yesterday! 

::: Despite not prying my butt up off the chair today, I did rack up some points on my credit cards with some purchases via online options for Black Friday. I didn't go TOO nuts though. I had lists to stick by.   I did most of my damage last week anyway... 

There was a special sale on Tieks last week and I obviously got myself some of those, plus some Old Navy cardigans I needed like a hole in my head, a travel set of It! Cosmetics brushes that I got last week.  Then I ended up getting some of the big daddy sizes of the Acure Organics Shampoo, Conditioner and a few more of the Spray Conditionerstill only in the one small size...But I really REALLY am loving the conditioner and the shampoo has really surprised me so much, and I actually alternate it with my regulars!  

Then while watching Friday Night Beauty on QVC last week, I ordered the Calista Tools long set of hot rollers from QVC last week (it was the Friday night/Saturday TSV) to try out even though I have a feeling I will be lopping off several inches of hair (not because I want to...) after that Nice n Easy disaster (my hair is not recovering despite throwing all I have at it.)  I kept seeing these rollers in other presentations with the 6 roller base which to me previously was a turnoff, but a 12 roller base is way more useful. So after I'd read several reviews and even though I have two sets of rollers I regularly use (like Lisa Robertson, I am a huge hot roller devotee!), I figured for an easy-pay it was worth a shot. They're supposed to heat up super fast, and the fact that they have an internal heating element beyond just the hot wax or whatever is normally inside to keep them hotter longer is hugely intriguing. 

To top it off, the other day I took my mother in law to Apple to get her very first iPhone. She had mentioned getting a smartphone a few times in the last few months, and the other night it came up again so my husband and I said "we can take you to play with them this week and you can see what you like. Since you have an iPad and iPhone will likely be easiest for you to transition to."  It took about 30 seconds at Apple for her to make her decision, and we walked out with a pretty blue 5C.  Being the anal retentive freak that I am, we got the Speck case that she liked best, and I immediately applied a Spigen protector for her screen.  She was pretty excited, while still being sad to retire her trusty old simple slider basic phone. 


::: Clare Vivier is teaming up with Apple to create some sure-to-be incredible Macbook cases.  Per the WWD "scoop", the cases will be available in three colors: a bright cobalt, a gray with red stripe and a black, all three crafted in her beautiful leathers. Prices are expected to start at $199. I will admit that sounds nuts, but her pieces are pretty nice, so considering that, and the fact that these things will likely last forever...worth it.  They were expected to launch last Tuesday, November 19, in "select Apple stores."  My search last Thursday of the Apple Online Store was fruitless.

::: I don't drink coffee, hate it, in fact, but I kinda love this Alice+Olivia Starbucks thermal mug. My hot cocoa would be lovely in it. Guess I will need to find one in-store if I want it since its gone online. I would not, however, dress it up with the matching tutu. I am not a tutu kinda girl.

::: Because I am actually in town this weekend, I think I am going to start the Great Closet Cleanout process, finally. Sneak peak of the drama above. Yea I know I said that like 10 times already. But I am going to do it. I have some Muji Acrylic drawers that I've had for almost a year and a half now sitting in wait for me to do this cleanout and dammit, I want to take the bubble wrap off.  I am going to document this for the blog, but might sneak a few onto Instagram if I remember. It will be madness, just like last time. My hallway is overrun with my stock of dye, which is where it's been stored for a year now. I sense that my husband is going to be pleased to have that in the closet and not in the path of his feet, finally. 

Have a great weekend!  Man, it's gonna be December on Sunday already. Not. Ready.

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