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Test Driven ::: Acure Triple Moisture Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

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I have mentioned the brand ACURE Organics on here in the past as being a favorite, and lately I have been branching out and trying other products by them, not surprisingly hair products. Have I mentioned I have a problem?

When I placed my last stockpiling order of the leave in spray, I decided to try the Triple Moisture Repairing Conditioner, picking up an 8oz tube for a reasonably priced $9.99.  I tried it out the night I got it and was seriously blown away. I will admit the texture was not what I expected, it was a little whippier than I anticipated, but moisturizing is an understatement, as is repairing.  

My hair felt fantastic after just a minute with the conditioner in it. It was also super easy to detangle in the shower. Oh, and did I mention that it smells like heaven?  Remember the old Vidal Sassoon sweet cherry-almond smell from when we were many years younger? It was delicious.  Well, imagine that, but richer and ...better. That's what's in this tube.  *swoon*.

So, is this stuff really all that?  I wanted to make sure of that after it dried and after a few more uses that my color was also still intact and nothing faded or leeched out from the product either, before I got myself too excited. And of course, my color still looked great. And my hair did too, and felt even better. Could this unseat a few favorites? Quite possibly.

A couple weeks back, Acure's Facebook page was offering a coupon code to their "friends" as a Thank You. I jumped on that immediately and picked up a few more spray leave in bottles, a bottle of their Argan Oil which I am testing out in comparison to the Josie Maran I usually pick up, a specially sized 24oz bottle of the conditioner that is a limited edition offer, and decided to try out the Triple Moisture Shampoo, which, based on history, is a huge leap for me.

Why, you ask? Now, long time readers will recall that I have mentioned several times in the past that I do not play nice with Sulfate Free shampoos.  We are just not besties, and they destroy my color in one fell swoop because most, if not all, of those products, even the so-called "green" lines, have something replacing that sulfate that is just as "bad", if not worse, for your hair, and hair color, as the sulfates they're supposed to offset. My two worst experiences thus far were Pureology (OMG) and Enjoy(I did NOT enjoy that!)... So this was me taking, I felt, a bit of a risk, a $9.99 risk, and one I was willing to take, just on the off chance it worked out as well as the conditioner.

When I received the tube, I opened the lid immediately to see if the smell was the same as the conditioner...and of course the smell was equally incredible, because that's one thing about this brand, I don't think they add fragrances, but whatever they're doing...holy damn do they nail it. Everything smells amazing. (Except the Argan Oil itself, but well...I think that's just gonna be that way, it's undoctored and that stuff kinda stinks.)

I gave this a try that night, which was towards the end of a color cycle.  First I was surprised at the way it lathered. Forgive me for sounding like an airhead, but unlike any prior experiences with sulfate free products, this was the most like "normal" shampoo that I've used. It lathered well, and rinsed well. And after rinsing, my hair did not feel like straw, as is normally the case with sulfate free products. I made sure to use the shampoo and conditioner together, vs mixing and matching from a different line.  

My hair felt nice when I got out of the shower, though it was a little harder to detangle than I anticipated it would be. There's not a lot I can do about that doing what I do to my hair, frankly, but usually conditioner helps just enough.  I just used a little extra Acure leave in spray this time to get through it.  However, even though I noticed that the "usual" amount of colored conditioner rinsed out in the foam as would with my usual shampoos, thankfully my hair didn't look any faded or any less vibrant. Score one.  It dried a little faster than usual, which was nice, but often is usually a bad thing, leaving my hair feeling gross.  However when it dried it felt nice. Score two.  When I got up in the morning it was very soft, and manageable. I curled it like normal, and all day, it seemed to hold the curl like it should vs how it does (or does not...) Score three. 

The true test was going to be on fresh color though. So like a brave little scientist, I decided I'd give that a go this past weekend on a fresh root job. Not for the first shampoo of the "cycle", but on the second. I squeezed out a blob (way more than any human needs, by accident) and lathered up.  

Now, I kind of break the rules on how I shampoo in that I lather from the ends up and let the only the fluffy foam hit my roots. That's pretty much the only way to keep as much pigment intact as I can, and I won't put straight shampoo anywhere near the top of my head.  Despite having dumped out nearly 1/4 of the tube somehow, I still managed to stick with the typical way I shampoo.  Again, same amount of conditioner washout, no avoiding that, but no dye appeared to leach out either, which I can't always say is the case, even on the second shampoo of a cycle. I used the Acure conditioner again, as I did last time, and needed a little more of the spray leave in as before. Dried quickly like last time, and this morning again had soft and easy to curl hair.  So I am two for two! I plan to keep going with the tube and get a full assessment on how it leaves my color with time. 

I don't know if mentally I can make this be a total replacement for my regular drivers, but it's definitely something I can use maybe as an alternate day shampoo.  

If you have not tried this line out, you really should. It's fantastic.

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