Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Loving Right Now :::

Photos: Collage by me, Gooey Butter from Pearls & Coffee, Everdock Kickstarter,, My photos of the Fruit Snacks,

I apologize for that AMAZING photo from Pearls & Coffee of Park Ave's amazing Gooey Butter Cake.  (Sorry, I'm not really sorry. You need it. YOU NEED IT. And by you, I really mean ME.) I am all about the food lately. 

1::: Park Ave Coffee Gooey Butter Cake.  If you're from St. Louis or have been here or have friends or family from here, you know all about Gooey Butter Cake. If you're are missing out on a slice of heaven.  Just about every bakery, grocery, and home baker has their recipe, but my personal local favorite is Park Avenue Coffee, which they sell under the Ann and Allen name (their bakery). No one makes a better Gooey Butter than these guys. They have an enormous list of flavors, but I love the "Mom's Traditional" the best.  It's the "wettest" and gooey-est out there, and is so rich and buttery good that it's impossible to not eat the entire cake in one sitting... You can stop in and pick up a whole one or slice or if you're not local, order online.  It's worth every single calorie. Also, I freaked out when I saw Josie Natori's gorgeous daughter-in-law, Anika Yael Natori, feature Gooey Butter Cake on her Josie Girl blog AND give a shout out to Park Ave. I hope this doesn't impact my supply.

2::: The Everdock. I was looking for some kind of "stand" or "dock" for my phone, really have been for a while, and, shocker, I found a winner on Kickstarter. This is the first dock I found that would work for just about any device, with or without a case. This will be great for charging phones AND iPads. I went with a single because we charge our devices in separate parts of the house, though I did seriously consider getting a "dual" for my husband. I am totally psyched to get mine. I can't decide between silver and "space gray".  I have GOT to stay off of Kickstarter.

Check out their video:::

3::: Meg Biram's new Shop. I sense a serious wrench in my "become more minimalist" goal for 2013 brewing.  I own one of her Manifesto T's and it's divine, and this Mexicana Clutch has been screaming my name. I don't need another travel wallet. At all. But damned if I am not totally lusting for this one. What is my malfunction...why am I totally addicted to travel wallets?!  Also of note::: One Love Organics products are available through her shop as well. If you've been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you'll know I am a huge fan of that line!

4::: Annie's Organic Fruit Snacks.  Being on this plan has been hard, and despite being down just about 33lbs, with significant cheating...there are some foods I tried to cut out completely and haven't successfully kicked. One of those is gummy bears, gummy anything just about.  Recently I tried the Annie's Fruit Snacks to try to tide me over for gummy candies since I am out of Sugarfina's and am trying to grow an ounce of self control.  I must say, these Fruit Snacks were a pretty awesome replacement, filled with much better ingredients than traditional gummy candies.  They have a great texture, and a great flavor, and for all of you vegetarians: they are gelatin free. I also liked the amount in the package, though honestly, I end up eating two because like I said, no self control. But one pack is about 70 calories, and that usually helps tide me over from any gummy candy cravings pretty well. I just hope there are no adverse effects from overconsumption. Because taking that photo...well...those bears didn't survive. And they weren't my first packs for the day.

5::: The Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan "What's in His Bag" features over on I don't know which one I am more excited about, because, well...OH. EMM. GEE. They're both seriously legendary in the design world.

What's catching your eye lately?

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I promise you that the gooey butter cake is DIVINE! I love your "loving right now list!" What has caught my eye? -- the up by jawbone bracelet/machine, as well as leather jackets.

    1. It really is a slice of heaven, isn't it!? Or if you can eat the whole thing in one sitting, a whole cake of heaven!!!

      I will have to check out the Up by Jawbone to see how that works compared to the Fitbit. I think they are a similar creature.

      Side note: I think I seriously just died seeing you post a response on my blog. OMG! Thanks for checking it out!


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