Thursday, October 17, 2013

Totally Obsessed ::: Restoration Hardware Flat Iron Dining Table

All photos: Restoration Hardware

Since laying eyes on this magnificent table from Restoration Hardware, I have been LUSTING for it for my own dining room slash assembly table.  I have had it bookmarked since it came to my attention, and every once in a while, I'll go visit the link and day dream about the chairs I might put with it, and the meals I might eat sitting at it.

Just this week I saw a feature on The Glitter Guide called Shop Talk, where they go behind the scenes with Firefly Events, and there I see in the first photo of the feature is this table of my dreams used as a conference table. It just reignited the fire again.

My husband, however, is less than enthusiastic about this love affair, equating it to "painters scaffolding."  I, on the other hand, see a modern antique, with an elegantly weathered tabletop that can take anything I can throw at it or pile on it, and the ability to wheel it around as needed. I also see an enormous amount of workspace and a place that would impress guests and clients alike, should I take meetings in my home.

I guess I will just continue to dream...

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