Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Update :::


It's been another awesome and surprisingly quick week, but this weekend, especially tonight, looks equally busy and just as fun!

::: While What Not to Wear is sadly leaving televisions everywhere in just three more episodes (*ugly cry*), thankfully Clinton is still around on social media and The Chew for our viewing pleasure.  In the immediate though, tonight I will be at Macy's for an evening with Clinton Kelly at Macy's.  A longtime friend, Cassie, who is also a blogger and has worked with me in the wedding world in the past let me know about it, so I made sure to sign up right away to have a "ticket".  I absolutely friggin' love him, and Stacy, so I made sure to get on my roots, pick out the cutest thing I owned (which is still a yawn), and will zip right over after work to park my butt in line. I cannot wait!


::: This week marked the official return of Domino Magazine in its new online form, and the new issue should be on newsstands now or  very soon. I spoke about this just a couple weeks back, and here we are, in October, and it's back in business. Color me SUPER excited!

::: I have had several requests asking for an update on my weight loss progress, and while it's been bumpy, I am down around 32lbs and holding. Some people say they can tell a difference, but I honestly cannot see it, despite trying to take photos each month to mark progress. My clothes still fit me about the same, at least my work pants and almost all my tops anyway, but jeans are all sorts of wonk so I can't give a fair gauge on that.  

I am trying so hard to reign it in better because I will have a serious blowout during my super amazing Girls Weekend 2013 coming up and I WILL HAVE A JUICY NOOKIE, DAMMIT. And surely a million other horrible things that are so damn good. But I am still doing the same Medifast plan, or at least trying to, and I think it's telling that I've pushed two deliveries back now because I haven't stuck enough to the program that I have enough food to get through the next month. Must. Stop. Cheating.  Yea, that photo is totally not helping.

Video: GIR Spatula Kickstarter Page

::: Kickstarter just keeps getting my attention, which is damaging my credit card bill. I spoke the other day about the Everdock, which is nearing the end of it's funding cycle, and then the other day I discovered the GIR Spatula. What got my attention about this, besides the sizing on the Skinny and Pro models,  was the fact that the spatulas are supposed to be heat resistant up to 525 degrees, and not decompose til over 900 degrees. As someone who has a tendency to melt spoons and spatulas TO her pots and pans...this is a huge deal to me.  My husband has caught wind of the melted utensils far too many times for me to count...thankfully I have yet to taint a meal that way.  I also backed the SNUG which I have used a few times quite successfully as well, though many of my "surviving" utensils are too big in the handle for the Snug to fit, so I find myself using it less lately than originally intended. 

::: I am still looking for feedback on what you, the reader, likes and dislikes about the blog and its contents.  What you'd like to see more of, less of, etc.  Drop me a comment, an email, a tweet or a message on Facebook with your thoughts!

Have a great weekend!

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