Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Update:::

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::: This evening marks the end of a 10 year run of What Not to Wear and I am, like, already crying. I have all three hours of the festivities set to record, and I already know that I will go through a box of kleenex watching even a minute of it.  While a lot of things have happened in the last decade, these two amazing icons that are Stacy and Clinton have been there preaching FIT and kindly helping women and a few men get it together in the style department all along. I am looking forward to seeing hopefully all of the past contributors and how well they've kept their style up since they've worked with the team.  Looking back at old episodes it's just amazing to see even how much Stacy and Clinton have changed.

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I personally liked to see a deserving recipient, there were definitely some more deserving than others. And I like how Clinton put it this past week, when working with Megumi, who....well....where do we even start...but he said he likes to work with the deserving, hard working woman who maybe had a few kids, gained a little weight and lost track of her style along the way, versus someone who doesn't maybe "want" to be helped or see what they're doing wrong and fix it, and fights them all along the way.   I know it's a more meaningful episode when it's someone who you can tell really wants to be there.  Man, I am going to miss this show!


::: Troy Surratt, a makeup artist trained under the one and only Kevyn Aucoin, and whose work you've absolutely seen if you've ever opened a magazine, has his own line of cosmetics now, exclusive to Barneys.  Oh how I wish we had a Barneys in St. Louis...

Something that I noticed and was extremely happy to see was a brow pencil for Redheads.   Soapbox: Kind of a rant of mine, but most major lines seem to act like redheads fit into a blonde box or light brown box, and just skip designing products for redheads altogether, but red hair is not the same as blonde or brown, and we have different color needs to go with that.  I was so disappointed when Urban Decay got rid of their amazing brow box in the duo made for reds and when it was addressed to them, their answer was a vague "oh, well, our blonde set called Honey Pot is close, and will work just the same." NO, IT WILL NOT. I've held the two side by side, they're not anything near "close", in my opinion or in my experience.  But, since that disappointment, I am glad that I have found a great brow powder to replace it. It's from a line called Vanitymark by Brett Freedman that has shades for all hair colors, including two shades of red! I have a few spares now, since I am prone to dropping and my bathroom floor is anything but forgiving. I go through champagne Cover Girl eyeshadow singles like crazy.

If I ever get the chance to check out Surratt in person I will likely snatch up his brow pencil, and I am dying to get a palette of his shadows together, since you can choose your own shades, and refill as you wish and need. LOVE that.

::: Speaking of things not being made to suit redheads...I have been DYING to try Color Wow Root Cover Up...But redhead option.  But I am going to test drive the Nice and Easy Root Touchup even though the closest red option isn't really as red as I am, but hey, worth a shot. That's what my color conditioner is for.

::: Busy weekend ahead, lots of a family events, and lots to accomplish on my to do list before my upcoming girls trip!

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