Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trend Worth Trying ::: Oxblood Nails

Photo: Emily Weiss/Into the Gloss

Ever since I saw this write up on Into the Gloss about Elin Kling and her obsession with dark burgundy nail polish, I have been wanting to get a mani of the same shade.

She is rocking a Chanel shade in Rouge Noir in the image above, and it looks pretty amazing with her pale Scandinavian skin, don't you agree?  The rare occasion I actually paint my nails, I waffle between clear, super-pale shimmery pink that looks clear, and a deep shimmery oxblood or purple.  But, admittedly, my nails are almost always bare because I am a little too rough on my hands to get much longevity out of anything.

Here are a few of my favorites for capturing this same look:::

Will you be rocking the dark burgundy nail this season? Or do you love it year round like Ms. Kling?

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