Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Wow::: Ian & Victoria, a St. Louis Wedding by MNC Photography

All photos by MNC Photography, used with written permission, please do not copy!

I happen to work in a pretty cool industry. It's a "job" that allows me to work alongside, and get to know, some of the best wedding vendors, not only in St. Louis, but in the entire, make that the world.   Simply calling them "wedding vendors", especially when they're as talented as Mike Cassimatis, is really a serious understatement.

Mike, who owns MNC Photography, is a seriously talented artist.  He's more than just a photographer, too. He's a damn good, well-pedigreed graphic designer, and one hell of a calligrapher. In fact, I was only slightly bummed--for purely selfish reasons--when I heard he was shuttering his calligraphy venture to become a photographer, because I knew full well he was going to kick serious ass shooting weddings.   And clearly, I was right.

The wedding of Ian and Victoria, from late August, is a perfect example of his incredible eye and skill.  He has captured the unique and fun details and the sentiment of their perfect day, especially the emotion on the face of the groom, so perfectly. I freaking love an emotional groom! You feel as though you are there, among the revelry, kicking back and enjoying a snowcone after you danced off your PBR. I have not seen a more radiant and ecstatic bride as is shown in these images in quite a long time.  This is a couple that is truly in love, and in sync, with each other. 

Something that I love about Mike's images, and is perfectly shown in this selection, is how he works with light, especially that first image above.  He doesn't need to rely on post-processing, as so many photographers seem to do, he simply knows how to read the light, frame the shot and work with his equipment, to get it just right.

Here are a few more of my favorite images from that event...Swoon with me, won't you? 

St. Louis is ripe with artistic and industry talent, and is overall seriously underrated in so many ways.   Sure, we have disgustingly hot summers that last well into late October when its citizens would vastly prefer to watch the Cardinals win the World Series while wearing a light jacket vs a tank top. And our winters can be ridiculous just the same. But we also have Imo's and Cecil's and Cicero's and Syberg's and all the other amazing joints that serve us cracker crust pizza loaded with that amazing plasticky Provel cheese that Jimmy Kimmel hates on so much, while Jon Hamm and Jenna Fischer and Kimmel's own wife ferociously defend like it's their child.  

Mike Cassimatis is one shining example of why St. Louis needs more national attention.  Wouldn't you agree?  Check out the rest on Mike's website's blog here. And if you're in the market for a photographer for your upcoming nuptials, by all means, contact him! 

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Disclaimer::: I did not work as a vendor on this event in any capacity. I just thought the images and the event itself were incredible and I kinda wish I'd crashed it. (Yes, I did just say that out loud.) 

If Imo's or Cicero's or Cecil's or Syberg's wants to buy me some Pizza or Provel Bites...yknow, I'll be down for that. Jimmy Kimmel, you really need to develop a taste for this heavenly creation. Seriously. Oh, and Go Cards!


  1. Mike is seriously the bomb---I was just looking back at some of his older images in Flickr (totally random, no idea why) and was floored with each one. Awesome wedding, too!!

    1. It really is! I love an emotional groom, but what surprisingly got me was the firefighters at the entrances. I loved it.

      You may have already left town by this time, but this wedding made me want to get back into the "crashing" that used to happen with all the girls. I kinda miss showing up at ceremonies from all these people we had gotten to know and watch plan weddings.


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