Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Update::: Domino is Coming Back!

:::I am kind of hit or miss on interior design. I love to look at well designed spaces, especially those that are well organized, and I love to plot out what I will do in my own house. I just fail to ever act on any of the inspiration. I regularly read LonnyLivingETCHouse and HomeHGTV Magazine and ElleDecor...and I really like them, but since the loss of Domino, there's simply been nothing like it to hit the scene since it's demise. In the short time it was around, it really created a serious cult following. It was loved with good reason.   

Domino was initially started as a home decor spinoff of Lucky, it had instant appeal to the home fashion lover.  The book, the special issues, all well and good. But it's not the same. I plan to soak up ALL of the creative juice they pour me this time around. I can't wait. I am unsure how I will feel about the online variant, but I am psyched for more printy goodness. I am not one that got behind the digital movement in magazines, but that's the designer in me speaking. I love the feel of the printed page. I know I am not the only one excited about this Domino news!

:::Speaking of magazines I'd love to see come back...ShopEtc. I loved that one, too! I literally JUST purged that out of my collection in my quest for not hoarding...And as soon as they were gone I regretted it.

:::Related to home-related stuff...most specifically home organization...I am seeking out your best "how to stay organized, and really stay organized" tips.  I confess publicly that I am a chronic piler, and a serious packrat. I have done well over the last year in purging, and I am working on my consumerism to not buy things I won't really use, and don't really love, cutting back on impulse-related buying. That seems to be going well.  I follow and love a few organizing blogs, specifically Live Simply by Annie and I Heart Organizing, and they've given me a lot of great ideas, but...I just can't make it stick for me. I actually contacted Annie for some one on one "virtual sessions" as well, and hopefully we can get that going when I get more purging done. I have actually asked for professional organizing help for birthdays and christmas gifts in the past, because I know I need the help, and asked my parents last year for my birthday to help me throw things away--fully recognizing the irony in that. Hopefully it'll stick this time! So how do you stay organized? And how do you keep yourself from undoing the work you did?

:::Speaking of that I've had the blog going as it is for a few months, I am reaching out asking for your input. I have been working on the shell of the design, but I have not really moved forward with it yet because I am trying to get the flow of the posting down.  What do you like about it? What don't you like about it? What would you like to see more of? Less of? Be honest! I want to know!  

:::If you weren't aware, it's September 20th, which is totally a holiday. What holiday, you ask while looking at your calendar? It's iPHONE RELEASE DAY. Yes, it's a thing, a real holiday, it's one of those floating holidays that happens every year. And yes, I was totally awake at 2am central and online getting my 5S ordered. That is not an impulse buy, and yes I need it and will really use it. I will love it tremendously, I bet. I already kinda love iOS7.

What say you, dear reader?

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  1. I think your design is very clean and minimal. I like the direction you are heading. : ) Whatever design you have in the works I always say minimal is better, when blog designs are too loud I click off right away - to distracting to my eye. I hope this helps or what you were looking for in an answer. Let me know if you need any other tips + advice.

    xx Alecia

    1. Thank you, yes, this helps and is much appreciated! Great photo, btw. I do plan on keeping it very minimal, clean and not too far off from how it is now. Really just a rearrangement of data, and less "stock blogger shell" that it is.

  2. i had to comment immediately before even finishing reading the post because woohoo! what happy news! i had no idea that domino was coming back, and i'm elated! finally! thanks for sharing the good news (;

    1. Woohoo is right! I was thrilled to read it. I was buying the special editions, I have the book, but new material....YES PLEASE!


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