Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's in the...Box? ::: I am Living Proof

Photo: Living Proof Obsessions Page

A few months back, Living Proof, the product line developed by MIT scientists and now co-owned by Jennifer Aniston, held a little "Obsessions and Confessions" contest in which they called for entries in the form of photos and videos.  I entered a little video about my obsession with my hair, specifically my hair color, and how I have a stockpile of the "recipe ingredients" that will last me easily the next two years, as well as the recipe under lock and key (it's serious business!). Then I forgot about that mortifying little thing that I had just sent to a celebrity I totally love. 

Well, they didn't!  Excuse me while I totally attention whore! *preen*

Apparently that was a winning obsession, because I was among the runners up and won a gift certificate towards products from Living Proof.  Pretty cool!  Yknow, except for realizing that a celebrity I copy the haircut of, emulate the style of, and am overall obsessed with just watched that video, probably more than once. *shame*

Having had limited experience with the product line beyond a couple of little sample packets, I used the gift credit almost immediately to pick up a few things that sounded pretty interesting to me. The package arrived last week, and I tinkered with a couple right away. My favorite so far is the Restore Recovery Regimen, and the Mousse isn't too bad, despite the fact that I don't blowdry and I think you're supposed to, which seems to be the case for almost all of their stylers, like the Prime and Perfect Hair Day. I'll have to check the jar and the regular Restore conditioner out as well in the future, since I started this regimen, I don't want to stray in the middle.  I also kind of want to check out the "Prime" and "Perfect Hair Day" products, assuming they're not also blow-dryer reliant, because I am a hot-roller/curling-iron kinda girl, not a blow-dryer-girl.

Photo: Me of my products

Kinda excited to have won! Yay for being a hair obsessed freak! 

I am totally dying to see the Grand Prize winner's transformation, because I love a good makeover, and Chris McMillan is a total hair genius. I really hope they post that.

Congratulations to all of the contest winners!

Grand prize:

Jenna A., Green Bay, WI


:::Amy D., St. Louis, MO:::
Heather G., Elkridge, MD
Brandi H., Montgomery, AL
Paula H., Downingtown, PA
Monica M., Germantown, MD
Diane M., Staten Island, NY
Khuyen N., Richmond, VA
Nicole R., Akron, NY
Michelle W., Austin, TX
Jennifer W., Stillwater, OK

Anyone else use this product line? I'd love to hear about it!

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