Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tech Time::: The long-rumored iPhone 5S and 5C

Photo: SonnyDickson

I enjoyed my Labor Day weekend, I hope you did, too! I was noticeably absent yesterday as a result!

But I am back today because it's Tech Time, and it is that time of year again: Apple iPhone Launch Time!  I know my Android-loving readers are just rolling their eyes at this, but for the rest of us, it's time for cheering, for in just a matter of days, the official announcements will be made on the newest upcoming and soon to be released phones from Apple.  I feel like such a fangirl!

I am really looking forward to the 5S (or whatever it will be called) and eagerly awaiting its sale, finally, in just a matter of weeks.  Part of me is eagerly awaiting because it's just something I am into, and the rest of me is going nuts because I held out on the 5 in favor of this new unit.  Out of sheer curiousity, I also am intrigued to see more of this "5C" that is being discussed, because it's kind of an interesting change of pace for Apple.
Photo: SonnyDickson

For those not aware, the 5S will be the similar high-end model we know and love, in the glass/aluminum shell, with all the bells and whistles, including, potentially, a fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone, vs just a pincode to unlock.  I know my husband is having a "Minority Report"-style freakout about this, but having had a phone stolen, I feel like I don't care, surely I will regret that later.  My thinking on this is really that "they" already have all my damn data anyway, tracking me all over, the stores do it, and really, big brother is everywhere.  

However, I am thinking that this fingerprint scanner is going to stop the low-level criminality of theft for resale, and I am definitely behind that, and not just because I've had one stolen.  The bad side, besides the "Minority Report" end of it, is that parents needing to keep an eye on their kids' safety won't be as easily able to and if something happens that they need in or the police do, will Apple be able to provide a work around to that and the pin code.

In the past there's been very little in the way of random leaks getting out, either well-orchestrated and timed leaks by Apple itself, or some really big-mouthed folks who don't understand confidentiality agreements, but this time around, it seems as if the floodgates have opened, and a significant amount of rumored info has been all but confirmed well ahead of schedule, one way or another.  That's decidedly un-Apple, but I will take it. Thank you Sonny Dickson for your insanely good data.

Check out this AMAZING video from TLD with side by sides and some nerdery showing the differences on the inside of the units. (This guy does FANTASTIC videos, btw.)

Videos: TLDToday

In other, equally un-Apple-y news, it also appears that the 5S model be coming in it's current white and black iteration, as usual, plus at least one more option, first is confirmed to be the white and champagne variant, which I personally found gross-looking, which has the the interwebs all abuzz. I am probably against it because I don't care for the white front options.  A black and champagne option I might be ok with... 

What also looks to be a possibility, and seems to have come out of left field all the sudden just in this last week and sounds all but confirmed as well, is the graphite/silver and black combo, which is either replacing the current black and slate OR is a new fourth color combo. It looks quite lovely from the images that have been cropping up compared to the current black.  Clever one, Jony Ive.  Click here for a link to BGR which has videos of side by sides...awesome! This combo actually might make my decision harder. I was all set for black. But...I kinda like this new one.

Aside from the 5S (or whatever it's going to be called), there's the rumored 5C(or whatever it's going to be called), which will be the lower cost plastic-encased model, assuming it hits in the states.  

Photo: SonnyDickson

And another fantastic video from TLD:

This model will be available in several colors, however, most notably is said to not be available in black, from what can be surmised from the little bit of data that can reasonably be "confirmed."  This particular unit was intended to be aimed at "emerging markets," however, if available stateside could be used to get people into smartphones that weren't otherwise interested or willing to fork out the money up front, or those looking for fun colors and not as concerned about the most advanced insides. I'll be curious to see how this particular model undercuts the 5S in sales. It does not appeal to me, especially not being available in black, but I know quite a few who will be all over it. 

Both models are expected to come stock with iOS7, which I have mentioned in the past as being quite spectacular, and from what I gather reading around the interwebs, has only gotten much more refined with the updates in beta testing. 

Here's a video from TLD with a good walkthrough of his top 5 features of the new iOS, and I totally agree with them, especially multitasking, as I believe you will recall from the above linked previous post. :::

The primary differences between the two upcoming models would appear, from the rumors, that the 5S would have a more powerful chipset (A7), more speed, and overall better everything, and the 5C would be more like the current 5 with the A6 chipset, in a cheaper body.  There's also talk that they'll be possibly doing away with the current staggered model and pricing setup they have now, with the older models being cheaper and dropping off as the newer ones come out.

Click these BGR and iMore links to more, including videos, with various sources, and check out their sources for even more  ::: BGR 1   :::  BGR 2  :::  BGR 3 ::: iMore1 ::: iMore2

Anyone else equally rabid?  

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