Monday, September 16, 2013

Must Have ::: Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisture

Photo: Me of my bottles

A big space "hog" in my shower stall, one of the many my husband probably curses frequently, belongs to a giant pump bottle of this fantastic conditioner, which I use at least once a week, sometimes more often.  It is one of the first deep moisturizers that didn't destroy my color, build up on my hair, and actually made a difference in actively moisturizing my hair.  You're probably reading this thinking "criminy, another hair conditioner?" And I don't blame you...I warned you, I have quite a collection!  I am totally hair obsessed.

For a long time, I generally overlooked this line, what little I had tried I never really loved. It wasn't particularly expensive, and while it's expansive, nothing about it caught my eye besides the clean and crisp packaging. And normally I am a sucker for great packaging, but I just couldn't get into this stuff enough to spend the money.  Until this particular product.

I have a few particular ladies that tend to this mop, and one of them uses the Paul Mitchell line. She would regularly wash and condition with various products from the line, but frequently used this conditioner. My hair always felt great afterwards, and I loved the clean smell it would leave behind.  I eventually bought a tube, especially to use closer to the end of my coloring cycle in prep for the next touchup. It's been a few years now, and quite a few large pumps since.  I use it more frequently now than just in prep for coloring, I use it all the time. Sometimes, I even conditioner-only wash with it.  It doesn't build up, at all, which is a huge seller for me.

For the large pump size, it's usually around $27 at Ulta, and often is on some kind of sale there as well, such as buy two get one free, making it very easy for my hoarding self to stock pile a few.  I didn't really realize how big of a hoarder I was until we started working towards this basement project and had that dumpster...I am actually a little nervous for the "Great Bathroom Closet Cleanout of 2013..." What exactly have I got hiding in there...

Do you love any of the Paul Mitchell products like I love this one? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

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