Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Update ::: The End is in Sight!

Photo: by Douglas Hill Photography of a closet designed by Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design 
(image via LA Closet Design on HOUZZ)

Man, I want that closet. That's like the size of half my house...I'd have to become a lot more of a fashionista! I wish I had the budget for Lisa Adams to come to my house. 

After some thankfully not long-lasting jackhammering, floor sawing and digging in the basement, we have the first step in the process done, whew!  The plumbing rough-in is done, as well as a few other plumbing discoveries that we found after the concrete was up that needed repaired, and the drain tiles and sump pump go in any day now.  That will be a nice load off our shoulders to be finished with that and ready to move on the remaining construction down there, and hopefully not be bleeding money too much longer.

I will say that this "little" project has actually made us purge a lot of stuff. We had a dumpster, and while we had it, got rid of a TON of stuff (not as much as I would have liked, but it was only around for a week.)  Part of the plumbing work required that they bash through my bedroom closet wall...would've liked to be warned about that before they did it...and in turn, we spent last night sorting all the hanging clothes we had in there to pull out things we haven't worn in a while and don't fit into anymore.  That yielded a much bigger pile for donation than expected, though mostly of my clothes, and only two of his garments, both of which just had holes. 

Layout of our closet....

Photos: By me of my house

Image of an installation that could actually work in there...maybe. 

Photo: House-Pretty Blog (yes, I realize that's a child's closet, but the layout is kinda 
functional and nice. Surely I can adapt that to two giant humans.)

I might start in on the dresser soon, as I know we have plenty in there to go through and I need a place for linens and my ever expanding underwear collection (I must always think I need underwear or something, and I really don't. I could go 3 months without doing any underwear laundry and still not run out of underwear!)

I thought reading through my Domino book and other magazines I had piled up (September issues, Small Space issues) might help inspire me to get cracking on the area rugs and drapes and otherwise decor design ideas...and yes, it's given me a lot of ideas. Just not as much motivation to DO any of them.  I mean I have ideas and might find motivation, but really I have no time and currently less funding to execute any.  My GCal is ridiculously blocked off.  

I did build a little list of DIY ideas, and currently on my list of little DIY side projects is to paint a few pieces of veneer/particle board cheapy furniture a darker shade to go with our dresser in the bedroom and to paint my small file cabinet, printer stand and bookshelf in the office. But sanding and priming sounds like a huge pain in the no to me. Also not helping is the feeling that I don't really have anywhere to do said work besides the driveway, which is not really a place I can leave things to dry.

We're significantly poorer now, but I keep reminding myself that it will be worth it.  The financial crush seems to not be slowing down the online browsing much though...Because I got that Nordstrom "Finally Fall!" catalog in the mail and now I am lusting for a few things. Thankfully I still have a gift card and quite a few Nordstrom Notes from Anniversary (!) so if I allow myself the splurges I won't be hitting the card or anything very hard.  

My attempt at minimalism is so far going pretty poorly, I have spent some time during the day reading a few "how to be a better minimalist" blogs, and ...I freely admit I am a packrat with attachment issues to my crap. I don't know that I could sell my house completely furnished (literally) save for what fits in a few backpacks or my car. That would not cut it for me!  I am going to also blame this failure on our recent acquisition of a Costco membership...that place is dangerous! 

Have a great weekend!

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