Thursday, September 5, 2013

Top Secret ::: Joico K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor

Photo: Me of my bottle

Keratin products seem to be all the rage lately, but Joico K-Pak is a true classic in that field, probably the granddaddy of all of them! I have used this liquid variant of Joico K-Pak since it initially launched, after years of using the original cream version in the shower. I still occasionally use the original, and sometimes will pack it on and leave it in overnight if my hair really needs it, followed by a healthy dose of the Paul Mitchell Super-Charged Moisture (post coming soon!)  There's simply not a better keratin deep treatment on the market, and it's been around in it's potent and original form for decades for a reason::: it friggin' works. The liquid is just as powerful, simply in a lighter form, for finer hair.

Talk about a superhero in the bathroom closet.  Ok, I actually keep this on the shower ledge, so that I can use it before I get out of the shower, and rinse any overspray off my skin and body before I step out of the shower.  But I can't even imagine what state my hair might be in without this.

Every 4-5 days, I will spray this miracle in a bottle through my hair and comb it through gently with a fine tooth comb so that every strand is saturated.  Since it stays in, it has more time to help "heal" the amount of fraying I have going on, from the highlighting, coloring and curling. Most days, I will use the Acure or the Honest leave in sprays, and I also layer those over this product as well, and if my hair is really feeling the need, usually after a fresh highlight, I will put a creamier leave in over all of it on the ends, kind of sealing it in. I try to not overuse this spray so that my hair isn't brittle, but frequently enough that it still stays strong.

As you've noticed from past posts, I am a bit of a leave-in lover. It's usually my "gateway drug" before I try other parts of a new to me line.  I still have so many in that rack that you haven't even seen's actually kind of embarrassing. 

I love that Ulta frequently has this product on sale, usually buy two get one free, so that I can keep myself stocked up. Thankfully I don't fire through it terribly often. 

Anyone else a rabid fan of this product as well?  Clearly I am hair-obsessed!

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  1. I like that it is for finer hair. Might have to give this one a try.

    xx Alecia with

    1. I'd love to hear about it if you do! It's PERFECT for fine hair, and where the traditional K-Pak is a little thick and dense sometimes for me (usually after I sleep in it!), this doesn't weigh me down and doesn't "fight" with any other products I use with it. It also doesn't have the same leeching effect on my color as most protein treatments do and I think that's mostly in the delivery method and formula. I have a LOT of hair but it's a lot of fine hairs, so I can't usually get away with a lot of heavier leave ins or even rinse-out treatments. I also prefer not to use things like Moroccan Oil that are loaded with silicones, as they build up and make dryness and issues worse over time.

      This is a longtime standby of mine, and I hope you love it!!! Thank you for your support btw, I get a serious stroke of glee when I see you post. :)


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