Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Loving Right Now:::

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Kind of eclectic this month!

1::: Cariloha Bamboo Bedsheets::: For months I have been on the hunt for bamboo sheets to replace a set of regular sheets that finally met their maker. Our bedroom is like an oven in the Summer, and I have read that the bamboo viscose sheets tend to keep you overall cooler than standard cotton varieties.  Besides that, they are wicked soft.

I had not found a set that I liked enough to purchase or that I had heard good things about (mostly in the stretching out department), but while we were on vacation I wandered into a Cariloha standalone store. I had read about the brand, but initially kind of discounted them as an option since I didn't really want to buy them through the site having never felt them.  Cariloha is one of the brands that actually had pretty decent reviews compared to others.  I felt them and they were IN.SANE. And fairly reasonable pricewise, especially with the discounts galore going on for sheets and towels that time period (I almost bought a second set online when we got back because of it!).  I picked up the blue set because it was the darkest option they had, and it fits with the coloring in the bedroom that I am going for.

So far we've been pretty pleased.  I personally cannot tell a marked difference in the temperature but I can tell that they are the softest things around, my husband thinks they stay "colder" longer.  They wash in cold/cool water (win!) and then dry on low heat (double win, I can dry with my non-hanging clothes!) So far I've washed twice, and no stretching issues or pilling issues to report.

2::: The creations at Sugarfina. I got a tiny sized package of the Gummy Bear "Cubs" that was included as part of a birthday gift and they swiftly won my heart. I have since been fighting the urge to derail the diet and order a plethora of treats from there, mostly the Champagne Gummy Bears, more Gummy Bears (hmm Mama or Cubs), Chili-Ginger Fruit Hearts and their Jelly Beans.  I've been trying to drag myself back on the train since vacation, and it's harder than I thought.  Luckily I am holding steady between 25-30 lbs off, losing and gaining the same 5 lbs...

3::: The Legion Backup Battery::: I backed this project on Kickstarter (can you tell I really do have a problem!?) and I cannot wait until I get my "reward" from them.  I have been looking for a while at some sort of backup power source that is portable, but my big hangups were that it had to be able to also charge an iPad while at the same time not just be tied solely to Apple in the event that some magic device comes out that I switch to, or someone in my circle to who uses another brand's device should need to charge while we're out.  This project has handled that problem pretty perfectly, and then some.  One of the other hangups I had, which they beautifully solved, was the lack of actually knowing how much power was in the backup source to know if you had the juice to fully charge your device. This item not only solves that, but it also gives you data on your device battery, and then some, and there's nothing like it on the market.  I cannot wait to get this item in my hand!

For those who didn't back this project or are looking for a different kind of backup charging, might I introduce you to the Mighty Purse? This is another pretty genius product, and one that seems to sell out at an alarming rate. You can purchase one via preorder through Waiting on Martha, which is a pretty amazing Atlanta-based shop, started by a new-to-me blogger, Mandy Kellogg Rye. Check out the Waiting on Martha blog for some insane inspiration.

4::: This super-cute Crock Pot::: French Bull got their hands dirty designing some adorable kitchen gadgets that Target now has up for grabs. I spotted this crock pot in a recent issue of HGTV Magazine, and have been lusting for it since, despite not needing a new crock pot. I barely use the one I have...Maybe if it was cuter I would? Speaking of crock pots::: if you don't use these when you cook in yours, you need to be. Best invention for crockpotting ever. They will save you an enormous amount of time in cleanup. Just don't tuck the bag in under the crock, or it will melt. 

5::: The Small Space issues of these Home Decorating magazines::: My two recent reads were House Beautiful and House and Home and both were pretty stellar. I am a huge fan of House and Home, which is a Canadian magazine, and every small space issue they do is fantastic. I love how in each spread they list the square footage and include the blueprint of the home so you get a feel for how each room lays out, besides just the fancy photographs of the space. I get an enormous amount of inspiration for my own small spaces (that I haven't yet acted on...) from reading these issues, so I look very forward to them each time.  Though reading these great magazines does remind me about how much I miss Domino magazine. least I have the book

6::: Clipa Key Rings::: These things are brilliant! I kick myself for not using them sooner.  I got a set originally when I ordered a CLIPA to replace a dying purse hook of another ilk, and they threw in a free gift, which happened to be a set of the Key Rings. The concept was pretty smart, and yet I let them sit on my desk in their packaging for like two months before I played with them. They. Are. Ridiculous. I know, you're saying "Ame, they are just keyrings." Sure, they're a simple thing, but they're a simple thing done so well. It is one of those things that I say "damn, why didn't I think of that?"

I previously would use a staple remover to separate the keyring to get things on and off, but this makes that unnecessary. It also makes your keys not slip around so badly, which is great when you use a cute keyring, and you like your keys to stay in a specific order and "place" on the ring.  I separated my work keys from my home keys and my "other keys" and now everything is properly organized, and I split not one nail doing it, nor did I damage any of the four scan cards I keep on there which is not usually the case with a traditional keyring.  Love these!  And they're really inexpensive.

What's catching your eye lately?

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  1. I was just at target and told kyle we are getting that crock pot! lol I ruined my old one so I threw it out :) Is it sad that i love PRETTY kitchen gadgets and bakeware? :)


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