Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday Wow::: Inside Mackenzie's Apartment

Photography: Trent and Dara Bailey of Trent Bailey Photography for The Glitter Guide

I am an avid reader of Mackenzie's blog, Design Darling, as well as having purchased a few items from her online boutique of the same name.

Recently, this lovely ginger-haired goddess moved into an apartment of her own, albeit petite, and along the way would post little teasing nibbles about her new place and how the decorating was coming along.  I have been anxiously waiting for her to post a full tour, so when I learned a few weeks back that The Glitter Guide would be featuring her home, I was elated, since they do incredible features and house tours, at least one of which I have posted about in the past.  I am clearly quite the voyeur.  

I was very excited about this particular tour because she's in a smaller space, and one that is multi-use, of which I have a few spaces of the same in my own home. I am a big fan of "small space design", blogs and otherwise, because while my house isn't tiny, it's no giant sprawling manse either, so many of my rooms have to multitask, such as my office/guestroom/dressing room/pass-through/landfill. 

Since one of my goals for the year, say a mid-year resolution, was to try to purge more stuff and become more minimalist, I am becoming a little more active in that endeavor, however that puts on bold display the fact that I have not in all these many years in this house done a stitch of decorating, beyond in a fit of stupidity opting to make my very first paint project that of painting the largest room in the house, with a special finish. Needless to say, the rest of the rooms are white...besides the bathroom, which was done as part of a reno and is likely going to be repainted a more "tame" shade along the lines of off white in the not too distant future.

Finally the day arrived where this amazing feature has landed in my inbox to view. And it's just as amazing as I expected, and obviously, in Navy and White with some hot pink accents.  The only thing I wish they'd shown was her kitchen space, as I also have a tiny kitchen and need some serious inspiration in there.

Enjoy the rest here on The Glitter Guide!

Isn't it fantastic? I need one of those Expedits. Need.  I have a couple of places in my home where that unit would be perfection. 

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