Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top Secret ::: Refreshing Second Day Hair

Photo: Me, of my Bottle

I have, up until now, been an absolute failure at reviving second-day hair with dry shampoo. Being an "enhanced" redhead, skipping a day is kind of the nature of the beast, and is definitely a necessity to keeping it vibrant.

Somehow this video completely aided my dry shampoo technique, and I am sharing it with you because of how fabulous it is!  

I have a strategy at this point, where in the summer, I will do a rinse and conditioner only on my "skip day", and just use more color conditioner to make up for the water leeching more color than I would lose in the winter. But in the winter, I just keep it in a shower cap to avoid it getting wet, and let it just be gross the next day. Typically on my "skip day", instead of styling, I just put it in a clip or a ponytail and hope no one notices or gets too close to me and I can get by with it, and am happy when it's shampooed again.

I have tried several products in order to not have to shampoo as often, and lately the one that is working for me is Batiste which is relatively inexpensive at Ulta or Walgreens. He used Suave in the video below, and that actually wasn't half bad either. I didn't mind the Paul Mitchell variant, or the one from Drybar, though they all are a bit strong smelling.

It took some trial and error, but this technique seemed to make more of a difference than the product itself for me.  Until figuring out this "shaking it out" technique, I'd rely on brushing out of the product with a natural bristle brush after letting the spray sit for a few moments, or I'd spray it in at night and hope it soaked up overnight, but neither option really prevented the weird white cast that is left behind, or really made my hair look remotely un-gross.  But his technique seems to work well for me.  In place of the "texturizing spray, for my ends, I used a little of the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray after I curled them a little more.

For ease, here's the video, straight from Glamour:::

If you try it out, let me know how it works for you!

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