Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Fix ::: Style Star

Photos: Sadly, no sourcelinks were given, not for lack of trying

I have long admired Jennifer Aniston's style, not just her hair which I have shamelessly copied the cut of for a while now, and have spoken probably ad nauseum about on here, but her whole easy-going, t-shirt and fitted but not skinny jeans, fresh and easy "thing."  As she calls it in the September issue of Glamour, her "uniform."

I actually was thrilled to see her use that word, since it's the word I often use to describe my generally consistent wardrobe of tshirts, tanks, cardigans and jeans, ironically not too far off from her wardrobe.  I, too, am a creature of comfortable clothes, and pick things based on that mantra of "comfort trumps all."  In the article about her, which is an interview between the fashion icon and Jason Sudekis, who is hysterical and awesome on his own, and engaged to a knockout, there was a collection of images across the top showing her wardrobe through the years to display how her style has both "evolved," and at the same time, stayed consistent. 

I tend to select clothes that minimize my chest and stomach as much as possible, which considering that is where my weight really is, is not always easy, while also being not too casual all the time (hello cardi!) and still completely comfortable.  She obviously has to select clothing that will also work for a red carpet, which thankfully I do not, but I loved that her thinking was essentially to pick the same "style", which to her is just a "longer tank top or tshirt and just add sparkle." Pretty good idea, I'd say.

Here are a few of my favorite looks she's sported:::

Via Wenn

 Photos: Sadly, no sourcelinks for the following were able to be tracked down, not for lack of trying

Via People Stylewatch (Damn I love that Tom Ford bag!)

And for good measure, a couple Red Carpet looks:::


Via Socialite Life

Jennifer Aniston is classic, consistent, and above all, comfortable. She knows what she likes and what works for her body and doesn't succumb to trends.  That, to me, makes her a Style Star.  Don't you agree?

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