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What's in Her Bag?

All photos for this post taken by Shana, exclusively for this {according to ame} feature

After my What's in My Bag? post went live last month, I got a great deal of positive feedback about hoping to see more spilled-out bags. So without too much more babbling, here is the next installment, courtesy of my friend Shana, fellow slob:::

"When I was asked to contribute to the “What’s In Your Bag?” series, I was thrilled. And then I immediately cleaned all the gum wrappers and crumpled receipts out of my wallet.  I mean, I don’t want you all to think I’m a slob.
Okay, fine. I’m a slob. At least there’s no pictorial evidence. But I admit that I need help staying organized, which is a must for my career: I’m a writer and an editor, right-brained and “creative,” and if I lose my notes, I am up the creek without the proverbial paddle.
That’s part of why I love this bag so much. It’s a Louis Vuitton Sac Plat in monogram canvas. Mine is vintage (it’s sold currently, though), straight out of Paris in the 1970s, and has absolutely no pockets whatsoever. Hence the pouches, which cover a multitude of sins. Mine are nylon and from Kirna Zabete for Target (no longer available), but there are tons of good options out there:  I love this set from LeSportsac ($42), and, for a splurge, I also like the idea of 1154 Lill’s create-your-own, mix-and-match accessories ($38-75). Just be sure that you pick a durable lining – makeup spills on delicate fabric are disasters of the unsalvageable variety.
I always have a scarf with me, especially in the summer. It can be fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot outside and polar-cap cold inside. This one is Issa for Banana Republic, but I also love this stripey one from Michael Stars ($48).
And now for a peek Inside the Lines … um, I mean inside my bag. Sorry. I’m overly excited for football season. GIANTS. (Ame interjects, "Ugh, you and your f'ing football. BORRRRRRRR-INNNNG!!!!”)

1) Keys. I hate having my keys hard to access, so they stay loose and near the top of my bag. Check out my keychain – it’s from Ale Syndicate, the most fabulous Chicago brewery. And I’m not just saying that because my brother-in-law is one of their brewers. I’m a beer bitch when it’s good drinking (let’s just say Prague was much more dry after I visited), and trust me, this is excellent. So if you’re in Chicagoland, get thee to one of their outlets PDQ.
2) Wallet. Another in-law, my husband’s mother, is guilty by gift card for the purchase of my Rebecca Minkoff zippy wallet  ($82-225 through Amazon, or through Rebecca Minkoff's site for the newer version). I love it because of the card slots – six on each side, instead of six total. Plenty of room for my license, bank cards, credit cards, library card (essential), insurance cards, Metro card, and some rewards cards (grocery store and California Tortilla – they have a computerized soda fountain, and Diet Coke with cherry vanilla is the nectar of the gods). My mother-in-law also gifted me those cute earrings that I have pictured. I keep in my smallest pouch for my OMG-I-forgot-all-my-jewelry moments.
3) iPad mini. I’m entirely dependent on it for research and e-mail correspondence when I’m working offsite (thank heavens for free WiFi). But even more importantly, I love my case. Only $10 on Amazon, it has thick grooves on the inside of the case to prop it up, and the back of the case swivels to allow for portrait or landscape orientation. It’s perfect for travel, especially for propping up on an airplane or railroad tray table.
4) Water bottle. I adore Bobble, a type of water bottle that filters what you drink. Mine is the smallest size – good for popping in a medium-size pouch. I’m partial to green top, since I’m a May Day baby, but they come in a range of colors.
5) Altoids. They taste good. What else can I say? And they’re right at the checkout at the grocery store, so I always manage to have them in my bag. (And no, I don’t mean by shoplifting!)
6) Perfume. I am a Jo Malone addict. I love everything about the line, including the packaging (minimalistic), the scents (generally refreshing), and the price point ($60 for a small bottle, $115 for a large bottle, which is pretty low for a luxe scent). I’m currently wearing Redcurrant and Cream from this spring’s Sugar and Spice collection. It smells like a raspberry dacquoise, and it’s the perfect summer scent. If that doesn’t float your boat, I’d go for Ginger Biscuit, Nectarine Blossom and Honey, or Grapefruit. The latter especially is a good transition-to-fall scent.
7) Makeup. I love to wear it, hate to put it on. So I look for something that’s cream based and has serious staying power. I like Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouges ($26) for ease of use; my fair-medium skin calls for Pale Pink. I favor lightweight foundation, and Becca's Radiant Skin ($42) fits the bill. It’s also in a tube with a screw top, so it’s perfect for hauling in a purse.
I stick pretty closely to Bobbi Brown and Becca for my foundation, blush, and concealer, since neither aggravates my chronic skin issues, but lip, eye, and hair stuff is from my favorite places, Ulta, Target, and the drugstore. I use a comb to detangle my fine, yet thick hair without killing its volume. L’Oreal Infallible shadows ($6.99-8.29, depending on your outlet) are awesome – they really do stay all day and take a truckload of remover to get off. Bronzed Taupe is my favorite for a wash of brightening color. Jordana EasyLiners ($1.99) are just the right size for a quick inner-rim line, and Cover Girl Clump Crusher mascara ($6.99-8.99) doesn’t give me flakies or raccoon eyes.
(And yeah, the nail polish is Rescue Beauty Lounge Catherine. At $18, it’s way too expensive for polish … however, using RBL seems to double the life of my manicures and pedicures, so it all comes out even.)
So the moral of this story is … go check out Ale Syndicate, get a L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow, wear a scarf, embrace the drugstore, and laugh at my snobby water bottle."

:::Shana is a writer and editor who currently lives in Washington, DC. Contact her at shanahertz@yahoo with questions, praise, or requests for editing/writing collaboration:::

Thanks Shana!  Your water bottle is not snobby, I friggin' love Bobbles.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing What's in Her Bag!  I know I did, and now I know I need to steal a few squirts of that Jo Malone...

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  1. I have way too much stuff hiding in my purse. My husband makes fun of me all the time for it. Altoids are a must!

    -Alecia with

    1. Yes they sure are! I go through them with alarming frequency myself...

      It's amazing how much ends up in that bag, it's like the abyss.

  2. what a fun post, thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! (PS: Navy vs soft pink is quite the decision!)


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