Monday, August 12, 2013

Must Do::: To-Do List for the rest of 2013

Photo: Me of my list, pen (oh man they have clicker pens now!!!) and calendar

I cannot believe it is August already, and not just August, MID-AUGUST. Man that came (and went) quickly. 

I have quite a lot on my list to do for the rest of this year. Not quite a 101 in 1001 list like Mackenzie's, but a lofty list nonetheless, mostly related to getting things in order.  I have kind of had this list going for a while, and haven't really checked much off of it. I seem to not be able to tackle my personal to do list very well. My Teux Deux screen in the "someday sections" (I actually have two!) is looking pretty ridiculous about now. Hopefully, though, this year is my year!

Luckily one of those major "someday" items was checked off with our epic Hawaiian vacation. Within the next month or two, another should be handled that has been an ongoing drain on both financial and emotional resources in this household. It's on the schedule, and the deposit is paid, it's just a matter of it being done now. But the prep work will be physically draining and a little more than I care to tackle. Hopefully, though, then it will be done-done.  Don'tcha just love home ownership!   /sarcasm.

I feel like maybe if I put it out on the blog, more of this list will be more likely to get accomplished. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but we shall see.  
Some of those might actually be realistic and possible for me!  I need to go to organizing bootcamp I think, something like "how to not be a magazine hoarder and packrat..."

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