Thursday, August 8, 2013

Top Secret::: Honest Sunscreen

Photo: Me, of my tube

Being a very pale individual, I have had to learn the hard way a few times which sunblocks work best for me.  I absolutely need at least an SPF30, and have resorted above SPF50 many times. However, most sunblocks are loaded with chemicals and some pretty unsavory ingredients that I am less interested in slathering all over myself. It becomes a "do I let myself burn and potentially risk skin cancer" vs "what other harm does the stuff in this bottle do to my body while I try to prevent skin cancer?" 

All of those reports about "hormone disruptors" and carcinogens in our products has made me start looking a lot more carefully at my products.  In some cases I have not found a worthy replacement, so I haven't replaced them. But as often as I can, I have.

When I started dabbling with the product line about 6 months back, I picked up a tube, and I'll be honest, I didn't expect a lot, in part because it didn't contain all of the scary chemicals and partly also because it was started by a gorgeous celebrity with the means to work around scary chemicals. But like most of the products I tried from the line, I was pleasantly surprised. And, boy, that Jessica Alba knocked this line out of the park.  

Here's a video from their site about the line. (It's been uploaded to YouTube for ease by someone else, not me):::

Besides the Leave-In Spray Conditioner I've mentioned in the past that I really like by them, and their hand sanitizer gel and spray that I also found I really like, I have since picked up another tube of this sunblock since my initial purchase to use for our trip, because my husband is equally pale and see-through and we are going to a part of the world where we will need the coverage.   It's just one of the several products in that line I have re-purchased more than once.  They also make one of the two "green" laundry detergents that my skin can tolerate, Method being the other.

This sunblock is just fantastic.  It's not slimy, greasy, or otherwise uncomfortable on my skin,  and absorbs very quickly, yet stands up to water and toweling off very well. Since I use SPF 40 Moisturizer on my face, I often just blot the leftovers of the SPF30 over top of that to give extra protection on any days I will be outside more than normal. I am, however, very thorough in putting this product on my neck and shoulders and along my chest and collarbone area.  I have yet to have a single burn, nor have I broken out in a rash or gotten any blemishes from it.  It has protected both myself and my equally pale husband, as well as several members of the family, much better than higher SPF products from other brands, especially those in spray forms. 

Ah spray sunblocks...That was a lesson learned that hard way, sadly, and several members of our family now have pretty "awesome" sunburns to show for the day I forgot to bring this little wonder of a product along and we all used the spray blocks. We gave it quite the workout and comparison test this past week in the hot Hawaiian sun and it stayed on better and protected us all better than the other products around. And I'll state "officially" for the family that knowing it was made of cleaner ingredients was a big win considering there were two little ones adventuring along with us getting slathered with this product regularly.

The price is a little steep at $13.95 per fairly small tube, and you have to order through their site either individually or as part of their monthly shipment service (which is cheaper, but I am not interested in a subscription.)  But considering the ingredients are much safer for kids and for adults, I feel it's been worth the money.  Shipping is usually pretty quick, though I will admit I have had a few incidents with their shipping department not getting my order quite right, but their customer service takes care of it right away.  I do believe I saw a blurb on Twitter and Facebook about some of the Honest products now being available through Nordstrom as well, which is HUGE and totally rad. 

I am incredibly glad that I finally decided to try this line and this product earlier this year.  

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