Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Loving Right Now:::

Photos:,,, and me (photo of my catalog taken by me)

1::: The Jonathan Adler Moroccan Pouf, in Gold...or Turquoise...or Navy.  I have seen these in images around the net, styled in other bloggers offices/rooms, and I have been lusting for one ever since. I would really love maybe 3 for the end of my bed...someday, when my bedroom gets its design time.  Is that room shown above not insane? Love the gold tables in the middle against those amazing chairs and couch.

2::: Kate Spade "Leni" Cardigan in Fiji Green.  I think I just heard my loves J, B and Z all collectively say "Step Away from the Cardigan!" 

3::: Poppin's new "clicker pens".  I love clicker pens, in part for the ease of not dealing with a cap, and in part because I am a compulsive clicker.  So am combination of Poppin and Clicker Pens? The angels at Poppin have gotten my ESP vibes!

4::: Aquis Turban Hair Towels, also available at Bed, Bath and Beyond (if you get their coupons in the mail--you can use them on these!)  I have used these for years and have at least 5 at this point.  They are simply fantastic. I've tried other brands, but the material in these is different in a good way.  I also have some of the towels that aren't turban style too, but these are just seriously easy.  They really make a serious difference in how quickly my hair will dry after my evening shower, and when traveling I make sure I pack one to take with me. 

5::: The new Ikea catalog just arrived while I was on vacation, and I am dying to sit and pore through it.  Some sneak peaks here and here for those who don't have access or didn't receive it yet.

What are you loving right now?

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