Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trend Worth Trying ::: Jewel Tones

Every year, right around this time, jewel tones come blazing back in a big way. It's essentially the Fall trend du jour. And how could it not be? The colors are rich and cozy, and best of all, can easily be worked into a year round wardrobe, especially if they're lighter pieces.

The biggest color picks this year are Sapphire, Teal and Wine, which all the cool kids are calling "oxblood" these days.  Eggplant is also back, but the focus seems to be on the blues and greens and teals, which suits me just fine.  Almost my entire closet is devoted to those three colors, in a way that Stacy and Clinton would rabidly pillage and toss things into that aluminum trash can while screaming "boring!" before pouring themselves a hard drink in the styling room and declaring me a nightmare (they wouldn't be wrong, exactly...)  But I have learned what works with my skin, hair and eyes, and refuse to allow my hair to get lost or compete.

Here are my top picks across all budgets to make your closet look like a pretty stylin' jewelry box this Fall.  Seriously, Old Navy and the Gap are killin' it this season!

Collage by Me, images collected from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Macy's, J.Crew, 
Lane Bryant, Gap, C.Wonder, Nordstrom, JCP, Linea Pelle and Bloomingdales

1::: Old Navy, comes in some great fall jewel tones, 
plus a great striped option, in sizes up to XXL!

2::: Old Navy, modeled here in a gorgeous wine shade by the amazing Jacey.  
In case sizing up to XXL won't work well for your body, 
here are a few plus size options from Old Navy::: One. Two. Three.

3::: Old Navy, yet again! Boot Cut Cords, in sizes up to 20.

4::: Issa for Banana Republic, also comes in a great eggplant

5::: Anne Klein via Macy's    6::: J.Crew    7::: Tommy Hilfiger

8::: Lane Bryant (LB is having a HUGE 40% off Labor Day Sale this weekend, 
just enter LDAY40LB at Checkout, 40% off EVERYTHING!)

9:::  Gap, Skinny Cord, comes in a ton of great fall jewel tones and in sizes up to 20!

11::: C.Wonder    12::: Gap Real Straight Cords   13::: BB Dakota top from Nordstrom

14::: Converse    15::: Worthington by JCPenney    16::: Old Navy    17::: Clarks

18::: Longchamp Le Pliage Tote  19::: Tod's D-Styling Satchel

20::: Linea Pelle Dylan Stud Medium Tote, Cypress (new shade and hardware for Fall!)

21::: Rachel Zoe Charlie Satchel

Stay tuned for an upcoming Trend Worth Trying post for my Jewel Toned Beauty picks!

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    1. Me as well, I am obviously biased in favor of blue and green.


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