Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's in My Bag?

Photo: Me, of my bag and wallet and keys

My favorite threads on a forum I frequent are the "what's in your bag" and "what's in your wallet" (why, yes I did just say that in a Viking voice), and any time I see something to that effect in a magazine, on another blog, or on a topical website, it's like a moth to a flame and I immediately tune in. 

Considering there's an entire site devoted to this topic, it's clear that I am not the only voyeur wondering what is inside someone's fantastic bag, so I thought I would share what I tote around on a given day. 

I also tend to think these topics are a great impetus to clean out your bag and wallet, as many of us carry around a significant amount of weight above and beyond what we really need.   I often joke that my bag is "her royal highness's matched luggage," and usually follow that with "and I can't live without it!"  Anyone familiar with Spaceballs will know where I get that, but for those of you who are not, here is one of the scenes relating to the topic.

On a given day, my Linea Pelle Dylan Medium Tote, in the butteriest Scotch leather on earth, would be packed up with:::

Photo: Me, of my belongings

1::: iPhone4S.  I resisted the siren song of the iPhone for a long time, but I am pretty much addicted to it now, another appendage that I am occasionally guilty of rudely checking while out at dinner with the husband. It is wearing a Speck Products Matte Candyshell, which I don't believe they make anymore, sadly. I am a huge fan of Speck's cases, they're incredibly protective, while not being overly bulky. My phone is laying on a little pouch I bought from Etsy seller SeaSideSew who has unfortunately been on hiatus for a few months for schooling, and I am waiting for a little alert on her return to advance order myself an iPhone5S sized pouch or two, since I skipped the 5 in favor of the newer upcoming model.

2::: Ray-Ban Aviators in a Vera Bradley hard eyeglass case.  I went with the Vera Bradley in part because of the fun and super-bright colors, and in part because it's a flatter but still solid case, as most sunglass cases are either too big and bulky, or too flimsy (the Ray-Ban case they came with is not going to cut it in my purse!) I am pretty guilty of not regularly wearing these or any sunglasses though, and I really need to get in the habit of doing so, if nothing else to slow down photo aging.  

3::: Coach Mini Skinny, using as a coin purse.  I don't carry a lot of change, but when I pay with cash, I stash any loose change in here, otherwise I will stuff it in my pockets or literally toss it into the bag and have it collecting in the bottom.  This particular pattern was a few seasons back I think, and I picked this one up at the outlet, actually.

4::: Tumi Capra Zip Around Travel Wallet.  Oh how I love thee! This is my daily driver.  I even have a backup in bright orange, which I have not yet needed to break out.  I've used this wallet since the day I bought it and it's still in perfect condition.  I love that people constantly ask me about it.  The only downside to the green monster besides it's weight (Costanza!) is the lack of slots on the left side interior but I have worked with that pretty well I think. I haven't found anything worthy of replacing it yet, though a few amazing options have come close to luring me away.  When I travel I actually downsize to a Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Wallet, which I have in Sea Blue (ok I have it in a few other colors, but I love the Sea Blue the most!)

5::: The business cards for my design business are beautifully letterpressed and square shaped, and I found this amazing case at Crane's several years ago. It's been kind of abused over time, and sadly they no longer sell it, so if it gets destroyed or lost, I will have to find another solution. I am a little mad at myself that I didn't buy a backup of this, since I usually buy seconds of anything I love. 

6::: Moleskine Volant Mini Notebook in Navy. I believe this one is lined, but I also have an unlined option in there as well, in blue. I use these just for random notes that I actually need to handwrite, even if I do end up taking a photo to email to myself through the phone. Sometimes it requires a sketch, which is when the unlined option comes out.

7::: Zagg Wipes, in a tattered Ziploc. I just mentioned these last week in my What I'm Loving Right Now, and I really do love them. I use them with alarming frequency, and I really do carry them around in a Ziploc. I actually even have three more packs of them on my desk in another Ziploc right beside me, and at least one more pack on my other desk in another Ziploc. They're fantastic!

8::: Earbuds.  I have a pair of Skullcandy and a pair by Phillips here, I mostly use the Skullcandy, though. Not shown are the Apple EarPods I also recently bought. Yes, that means I carry three pair of earbuds in my purse.   I would like some seriously good earbuds, Bose or whatever, but just when I get to the checkout, I chicken out because I am no true judge of quality "speakers" and have no idea what I should be listening for. I have a Bose system in my car, and it's definitely the best sound I've ever had in a vehicle, but for earbuds I doubt I'd notice...or would I? If anyone has insight, share that with me!

9::: Planet Wise Wet Dry Bag as a makeup/medicine/general stash bag.   I love these bags. I found them actually in a baby store, and got a couple for my sister in larger sizes. But this smaller one is perfect for my large bag as a general wrangler for the stuff that floats. I use mine to store bandaids, altoid tins, my emergency inhaler, a Maybelline Auburn brow pencil and sanitizing wipes. The brow pencil is the only cosmetic I carry, besides blotting papers. I don't do a lot of touching up during the day.

10::: Eos Lipbalm in Sweetmint (dang, they make sticks now!?) Sun-Star collapsible scissors, Henri Bendel compact mirror, all of which go into the pouch above.

11::: Scunci No-Slip Grip Hair Clips. I buy these in bulk when I can get them, usually at CVS.  They are the only clips that will stay in my hair, which is slippery. I always have one in my bag, or on me.  I love my hair long, but it does get annoying when it's in my face or if I start to get warm and it sticks to my neck.

12::: FoodieSTL Deck. This is such a brilliant concept!  This deck contains one $10 Gift Card to 52 different St. Louis area restaurant which is good through the whole year of 2013, and into early 2014.   The proceeds of the deck sales go to Food Outreach, a St. Louis area organization providing nutritional and emotional support for men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS or Cancer.  This has been such a great idea for us, encouraging us to try new places. Whenever neither of us can make a decision where to eat, I pull one of the cards out and we go from there. It's introduced us to several new favorites, and reminded us to go back to some that we hadn't been to in a while.

13::: Keys. These actually don't go in my bag so much, since I tend to keep them in my pocket as often as possible.  The keyfob is a Coach Legacy Tassel keyring I got last year. I have a green as well, and alternate back and forth when I want a change.  I also have a small LED flashlight on there for when I need to see inside the abyss and I need more light than my phone can provide.

So, what's in your bag?

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  1. i love these type of posts! you impressed me with the henri compact-excellent taste!

    love the wallet =)

    1. Thanks! These are my favorite posts too!

      I do love the compact, it has a lot of great memories attached to it.

    2. In my purse: stray cheerios, crumpled up McD's diet coke recipes, and some loose change. ;)

    3. Sometimes you just need a couple O's!


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