Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trend Worth Trying::: Worker Bee

Photos:,, Me wearing my Frye boots, don't you love that tucked in pant leg?

I love a good engineer style boot. They can work dressed slightly up, and equally well dressed down, and can take an overly buttoned up look down a notch, which is my own personal look du jour for work, especially since I am in a creative industry and don't choose to, or have to, dress up.

I haven't regularly worn anything of the sort in a while though, despite owning several pairs in that style, simply because I've favored my Chucks, even in the cooler months.  But during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Pre-Select, I lapped the Frye Veronica Short Boot and eventually caved in on the Cognac. They're similar to my black Engineer Shorts, but not quite the same look.  

Frye makes some incredible boots and these are boots that will last a lifetime.  Not everyone's budget works for Frye boots, however, so I found a few more that work for more budgets, plus an even higher end option that looks fantastic as well. 

1::: DIBA Everhart Bootie, comes in black and dark brown. Coming in at $50!

2::: Steve Madden Colony Bootie, also coming in black and dark brown. Priced at a reasonable $120, and in a pretty nice leather for the price.  I have owned a few Steve Madden styles in the past, and they do make a pretty nice boot. There's even at least one pair by him in a similar style in the Nordstrom Anniversary this year. 

3::: The aforementioned Frye Veronica Back Zip Short Boot, in Black and Cognac.  On sale for under $200! Post Anniversary Sale will be back up to just under $300, so get them now.

4::: And last but definitely not least, the celebrity-favorite Fiorentini & Baker Eli boot, shown in Black, but I believe also available in a shade of brown, priced at $530.  Another option would be a Chad, which comes in a cognac, a brown and a black. I would absolutely adore a pair by F & B someday. 

This is a workwear trend I can definitely get behind! What about you?

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  1. Love cute! so glad I found your blog. You have such a great blog!! I am your newest follower.

    Check out my blog?

    Glitter & Gold


    1. Aww thank you!!! Love that you enjoyed this post and that you're loving my blog!

      You pretty much always need to wear that sequined skirt, btw.


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