Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wednesday Wow::: Dean & Mike's Gorgeous Southern Wedding!

I am a fan of Dean's blog "My Little Apartment", and since her wedding last Fall, being the wedding voyeur that I am, I have waited ever patiently for photos of what I expected to a pretty amazing event...and of course, it was absolutely worth the wait.  And apparently Martha Stewart agrees! 

Don't you just die for those gold bridesmaid dresses! 

And the stationery, it is just di-vine!  I mean, of course it is, considering her husband designed all of the gold-foilstamped goodness. He's a Creative Director and used his own handwritten script for their names. I am kind of loving this foil stamping trend that is coming back around. 

I love seeing an emotional groom, but this shot of their first dance captures the emotional high pretty well on both of their faces, don't you think?

Here are just a few of the fantastic images their insanely talented photographer, Edyta Szyszlo captured. Click the link (her name) to see more, or go to Dean's blog and view them there. 

Love it! I. Love. Every. Last. Detail.

Many (slightly belated) congratulations to the gorgeous, and insanely creative couple, Dean and Mike! You two are freakin' adorable!

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