Friday, July 19, 2013

Fashion Fix::: Ankle Jeans

Photo: Sea of Shoes

I am not one to do capris or cropped pants, I almost always go for full length boot or straight leg jeans.  But this photo above really changed my feeling on ankle-length/cuffed jeans, and now I am kind of loving it.  

I only have a single pair of jeans that would work for this look, but I am willing to rectify that... Jane Aldridge, shown in that amazing shot above and the blogger behind Sea of Shoes, looks fantastic in that image above, am I right?

Would these not look adorable with a little pair of flats or some Chucks?


1::: Joe's  2::: NYDJ  3::: Joe's

4::: NYDJ, great plus size option!

5::: Lane Bryant, another great plus option!

6::: Old Navy

7::: Tommy Hilfiger-goes to size 18!!!  

9::: Tommy Hilfiger-goes to size 18!!!  This shot makes me think of Grease.

Is this one of your favorite looks?

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  1. Funny! I just did this with my jeans yesterday. Look at me being all fashionable.

    I personally think that they look terrible with the boots and heels.

    1. I love the look more with flats, I think. I don't wear heels, mostly for coordination failures ;)

  2. I love Jane's style and follow her blog. It's funny because when I do wear jeans I tend to cuff then a bit. I love the look of them cuffed with sandals. Just something about it :)


    1. Jane has AMAZING style, and obviously, I am biased to find her red hair amazing ;)

      Thanks for checking my blog out!!!


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