Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Wow::: The Damsel at Home

Photo: Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide

I am a ridiculously huge fan of the Damsel in Dior blog, as well as the Damsel herself, known as Jacey Duprie.  In the last month or so, this smokin' hot blonde's amazing abode has been popping up in some pretty perfect features.  On May 30th, she and her husband opened their home to Apartment Therapy, and the timing of it's posting on that site was as if it was a 35th birthday gift just for me.  But this time, it's on Glitter Guide, and it was posted on July 3, like a gift to America.

The house itself looks just glorious, a Spanish style in West Hollywood.  There's just loads of light flooding in, it is amazingly roomy, and there's a huge, gorgeous kitchen. This could be dream-home territory for me, and oh the dreaming I am doing.

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Seriously, that bed makes me want to just climb right in. But they might find that creepy if they came home and I was just laying in there drooling on their, probably very soft, James Perse (OMG) bed linens.

My favorite pieces in this house are (all of them) the Design Within Reach bench at the end of that incredibly inviting bed, the credenza in her office from Modernica, and her amazing sofa in the living room, also from Modernica. But it's how she styled the details that gets me. The Hermes throw, the colorful accessories, the little buds of cotton here and there as a nod to growing up on a working cotton farm, and then there's her office/studio...Just wow!  I can see how she's accomplished so much in that amazing room (the Jonathan Adler Uppers would work for me, too!)

Photo: Apartment Therapy

Photo: Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide

Photo: Jessie Webster for Glitter Guide

I feel like a bit of a stalker now that I've seen the inside of her home on two different websites. But I can't say I feel bad about it, because it's just more inspiration to fuel that fire. She's a bit of a style icon to me because her taste is impeccable, from fashion to wedding (her wedding was incredible, watch the video, too!) to decor. The success of her blog, and the trajectory of her career as a whole, has reignited the spark I had for design and has helped me aspire to make my blog what I intended it to be from the start and let it evolve as it goes.

Thank you Jacey for being so open and sharing your home and your taste, and thanks to Apartment Therapy and Glitter Guide for your awesome features!

Don't you all agree that her home, and her (really, their in this case) taste, is simply exquisite? Let her know in the comments below! Or on her own blog, linked above.

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