Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What I Am Loving Right Now:::

Photos: Shaved Duck Walnut & Brown Sugar Bacon: StLouEats; Lo&,,, OVenture Etsy Page,, Me

1::: The Walnut & Brown Sugar Bacon (sans blue cheese), Roasted Chicken, Mac & Cheese and Corn Bread from The Shaved Duck, here in St. Louis.  Need I say more after the word BACON? This place is one of our favorite local haunts to enjoy a fantastic meal in a super-casual environment, and we have yet to find a dish we don't love.  If I had to pick favorites they would be the above, though my husband lives and dies for the Smoked Meatloaf.  I have never had a Roasted Chicken quite like this one, and I actually crave it.

2::: The Lo&Sons Catalina Large Canvas Weekender.  This is their newest offering, and I am going nuts for it.  I saw it pop up on their site, and immediately closed their window, saying "seriously, Ame, don't you dare look at that. Just do not."  Then Victoria tweeted about it, and foolishly, I clicked that link. And let it load. And stared longingly. And then replied about what a fool I was to have clicked that link in her tweet.   I am now completely obsessed with this bag, especially that lower zip section. That would be my magazine section, and I am sure I would be able to jam so much other stuff in there it's insane. That could be my bag, and my husband could have the other bag and then we could not have a 100lb duffel bag with all our crap bulging out of it when we travel...look at me rationalizing this.  I don't need it.  I just want it. Just like I want the "WANT LES ESSENTIELS DE LA VIE" bag I posted about a few weeks back that I have been just as obsessed with for months.   

3::: Pharrell Williams. Both of his current collabs hitting the airwaves right now, Get Lucky by Daft Punk (no official video yet but these both are cool and fairly similar) and Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke (video linked is the AlmostSFW version), are seriously killer and I rarely can do a single song on repeat, but I can't seem to get enough of either!

4::: Zagg Wipes.  I have loved these since they came out, actually. Shown is the XL size which are great for iPads and my iMac screen, but the regular size are great for iPhones, which is why I actually buy them and the primary reason I love them.  Smartphone screens get gnarly very quickly, and studies have shown that they're some of the germiest surfaces around. Hair products, makeup, sweat and skin oils aside, your hands touch a lot in a day, and as disgusting as it is, not everyone washes their hands when they should.  These help to clean off the surface (including your screen protector and hard case) and de-germ everything.   I usually buy mine at Target or Best Buy. In bulk.  My big tip for these: keep them in a ziploc bag. Some packs dry out faster than others, and this keeps them wet longer. They're not very wet to begin with, but any moisture you can keep inside them, the better.

5::: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and the fact that the cardholder pre-select starts in exactly one week. I wasn't thrilled with the "catalog" they sent me this year, but I have high hopes for the sale, as always. I have a short list this year though, since I am trying to shed weight and don't wanna get too carried away on clothes. But I do need jeans, badly, and a swimsuit (cue collective groans!)

6::: This GENIUS idea of a keyring, the O ring. I saw it mentioned by Molly from A Piece of Toast in this great  "What's in her Bag" feature, and I immediately went to check it out. I currently use a great Coach tassel keyfob and while it's super adorable and looks cute hanging out of my jeans pocket, it's still super easy to lose my keys when I toss them in the abyss that is my bag. I love the way you get the keys ON the keyring, which I think is a nail-saver in itself. 

7::: Agate geode bookends.  My wedding magazines and wedding/paper stock reference materials take up a lot of space on the bookcase they've taken over.  They're also pretty heavy and can sometimes be a total pain to keep upright for easy reference. I do a good sorting every year or so to keep them well updated and organized, but to keep them looking nice-ish on the shelves, I needed to get some kind of bookend that could hold up that much paper.  It had to be something strong, but I also wanted something reasonably pretty. So when I was poking around on Pinterest, I started seeing large painted rocks and geodes, and thought that was a brilliant idea, and couldn't even believe that a rockhound like me didn't think of it before I was looking on Pinterest.

The photos shown are photos I took and they simply just cannot show how amazing these are in person. I apologize for the flash on these, it was the only way I could really capture the striations of the specimens since our weather refuses to cooperate to allow proper lighting.  I got the set shown on the right from Royale Minerals, which was actually one of Oprah's "Favorites" and is a company that Elle Decor suggested once before. I actually got to see those before I bought, as they were shown on the Royale Minerals site. The set on the left, which is not really showing it's striations as well, were bought kind of blind from Crystal River Gems, and after debating between Teal and Blue for an hour (hello first world problems!), I went with Blue. I got the Crystal River set within two days, and I was blown away immediately. They are the richest, most regal shade of sapphire blue ever. Both were priced about equally, and I am extremely pleased with them. 

Crushing on anything lately?

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