Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breaking News::: I left Nordstrom with some self-esteem intact.

I had a pretty good day, thankfully!  And that's saying something after last night... 

Before I go further, I will issue a warning: This is a long, semi-rambly post, not entirely about the purchases.  If you just want a final list of what I am planning to keep, skip to the very bottom.

I got my first package of the shipped items from online preselects, a giant, easily 20lb box (speedy delivery!) that contained a set of beautiful deep purple bed linens, a very pretty teal cardigan, two pair of CJ Cookie Johnson Bootcut Jeans (two different sizes of the same jeans), the navy Longchamps expandable bag, and the Bobbi Brown Telluride set.

The Nordstrom at Home 500 TC purple sheets. They're SO SOFT. 

I normally wear a 16/18 clothing, well I guess I should say "did" wear, prior to Medifast. I ordered a 12 and a 14 kind of optimistically, and not a 16.  When I tried the 14 on first and it barely, and I do mean barely, buttoned, and I was turning blue on my top half from the lack of blood flow, I actually almost broke down into tears. It broke my spirits very quickly. I had a pretty bad feeling going into today based on that first pair of jeans not working, from a brand that normally I do well in and is stretchy and I can usually fib a size smaller in. I took them off, tried to distract myself with the other items, and decide what of that package I planned to keep.   Utterly defeated and running on self-esteem fumes, I packaged the size 14 jeans back up, put them in the box with the items I decided to return (the Bobbi, the other CJ and the pretty cardi that was almost identical to one I have already) and went to bed pretty upset.  

The "offenders". They were actually darker and much nicer in person. This photo makes them look pretty weird. 

I laid in bed for an hour watching Golden Girls trying to hold it together and tell myself I had more to try on, maybe these were just a fluke, surely I am not still the same size.  It wasn't working, but I was giggling at the TV anyway.

This morning I got up, did my hair (that was for naught, I sweat like a wildebeast!), painted myself up and pulled on what fits, pretty much ready to torpedo the last remaining shreds of my self-esteem as I tried on the rest of the 12 pairs of jeans I preselected, the cardis I preselected, the pajamas I preselected, and the swimsuits I still needed to stop avoiding.  I managed to park without incident (which is unheard of), wandered in to the cosmetics department to make my return of the Bobbi set, and pick up some La Mer items, and a Clarisonic Opal set from the Anniversary Sale tent that was a great deal and an item I really wanted to try.  I got a couple other things I wanted to test out or replenish, wandered to EBar for an iced tea, and bravely stepped on that escalator, already feeling beads of sweat, and a little upset. 
The Clarisonic Set.  This set comes with a 1oz and a .5 oz serum and 2 extra tips, so 4 replacement tips total. 

I walked over to the counter in TBD to return the other jeans and cardigan, explaining I'd be back shortly with the rest of my stuff for my appointment.  Seeing the insane line at Customer Service, I ran quickly to Sephora and came back to absolutely no line where I picked up my ridiculous preselect order.   Getting the help of two Customer Service Agents, we walked over with my luggage (hah) to get a fitting room in the TBD/POV area where I could move in and start going through everything. I laid things out by type and size on the floor, and then got to it. I started with the other CJ Cookie Johnsons, the straight legs. The 14 was pretty nice. Perfect even.  I went out to the big mirrors because I had so much stuff laid out that I couldn't move around in there.  

The CJ's I kept, the Faith Straight Leg

Two sales people walked by and said "they're too big. You have too much fabric here and here," pointing to my butt and crotch area.  But they buttoned well in my waist, and that's where I am my biggest. I reluctantly agreed to try the 12s because I didn't believe they'd button.  Well, they buttoned, but it was a fight I barely won.  I came out and they said "these. Just wear them for a few minutes and you'll see." And they were right. The waist got a little better.  So I went back into my studio apartment in the fitting room, and almost had a small breakdown. I just fit into size 12 jeans.  Like whoa! 

Feeling a little more bravado after that, I tried on the Kut from the Kloth jeans, which I usually do really well in...the 14 barely buttoned. I held them up to the pair I came in wearing and realized these were cut nothing like my usual style, which is a Kate I believe. I didn't try any other sizes in that style, and thought "hmph. I wonder if I can get my other ones still, because these are not gonna cut it."  When I explained to the sales girl what was going on, she said "I will be right back" and she returned with 12's from three other brands.  The Hudsons did not come past my knees.  The Paiges got on and I barely buttoned them, but I was turning blue again. But I got them on...that's a big deal to me. I had never once gotten into a pair of "elite" brand denim.  The Wit and Wisdom fit fantastically, and I probably could do a 10 but the 10 was turning me blue, so I didn't press my luck.  I decided at that point that the alterations lady was ready for me, and we got the W&W and CJ straight legs marked up. The rest were returned to their rightful owner and refunded to my card.  We ordered my regular pair in other sizes on the website afterwards. 

Gottex on the left, LaBlanca on the right

Next stop: swimwear.  I started to sweat harder. I grabbed a few in the largest sizes available. A Trina Turk that I loved, a Gottex, a La Blanca and a Miraclesuit and I bravely wandered into the dressing room. The Trina Turk was amazing. I loved it. And it actually fit me everywhere except in my boobs. That was a wardrobe boombie waiting to happen.  Next was the Gottex. It was so unlike me, very retro, with a cute bow and "skirt" on the bottom. Online it looks amazing on that tiny waif of a model. On me I was surprised I liked it from the front, the side...well the side is what it is.  That I thought was a possibility.  The La Blanca went on perfectly, but the boobs are maybe roomier than necessary. The Miraclesuit boobs miraculously disappear and I manage to look 40lbs heavier. It was the most bizarrely cut garment I'd ever tried on. The sales girls were all dumbfounded and we all yelled NO at the same time. That immediately came off and went flying over the fitting room door. I opted to take home the La Blanca and Gottex, and we ordered the next sizes up on the Gottex so I could see if maybe a slightly bigger size looked better to me. I felt the cups were too narrow but that was a Size 12, and I think I need a bigger one.  But, it pulled up! That's a big deal! 

After that, I lugged my bags around a few more departments just to see if there was anything else I wanted, or "needed" before heading out.  

I left with three insanely heavy, overly packed bags that I barely got in my house with before I ripped the handles right off of. 

Here's a photo of the final haul, bearing in mind that the jeans are missing.

The Frye Boots I do not need...

Completely horrific shot of the Longchamps and one of the Rebecca Minkoff pouches

Total list, bearing in mind that some may still go back:
1 Pr CJ by Cookie Johnson Faith Straight Leg SIZE 12!!!
1 Pr Wit & Wisdom "Itty Bitty" Bootcut Jeans SIZE 12!!!
2 Pr Kut from the Kloth Kate Bootcut Jeans Size 14 (Not in Anniversary Sale--pending size)
2 Pr Kut from the Kloth Kate Bootcut Jeans Size 12(Not in Anniversary Sale--pending size)
2 Halogen Cardigan--Polka Dots on Front--two colorways
2 Natori Bras
2 Strapless Bras (not on Anniversary, I just needed a strapless and couldn't try my size on)
Frye Veronica Back Zip Short Boot in Cognac--Size 8 1/2 (the 8 rubbed the top of my foot and didn't allow for anything other than super thin socks, but was the right length...)
Make & Model brand sleep pants, Navy Stripe, Size L
Gottex Swimsuit, three sizes (Not in Anniversary Sale--I need a swimsuit for vacation)
La Blanca Swimsuit, size 16 (Not in Anniversary Sale--I need a swimsuit for vacation)
2 Rebecca Minkoff Leather Zip Pouches (not sure if I will keep) 
Longchamps Medium Expandable Tote, Navy
Shiseido Eye Cream set (returning, didn't read ingredients and two of the first 5 are allergies)
Clarisonic Opal set
2 Bobbi Brown Bronzers (returning, have similar ones already, totally impulse!)
Smashbox mini brush set 
Beauty Blender duo (not on anniversary, just got two more to replace some dying ones)
BeautyBlender set (solid cleanser, a sponge and carry pouch--I love the sponges, and have another carry pouch, but I've never tried the solid cleanser, I really like the liquid one)
EmiJay ponytail holders, classic set
La Mer Handcream (only one I use if I use handcream, call me a snob, but it works for me)
La Mer Cleansing Foam (the gel is being reformulated, trying this again. *Resting Bitch Face.*)

So I did a pretty good job, I'd say.  And, 12s. WOOOHOOO!

How's your Saturday goin? 

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  1. i tried posting from my flaky fone, but i love the swimwear. have you checked modcloth? and woohoo on the jeans!

    1. I have been checking modcloth, but dealing with shipping back and forth was just not going to happen. Our vacation (literally the single reason I am buying the swimsuit!) is coming up quickly, and I put it off as long as was comfortable for me, the planner, so I just decided to start trying things on now. This way I can either keep going to different local stores or return in store.

      And thank you! Vanity sizing or not, Ill take that number!


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