Thursday, July 25, 2013

Test Driven::: Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics

When rumblings were popping up around the internets, first from Elizabeth Dehn herself, about "new products", naturally my interest was piqued.  I love my Vitamin C Serum from this line, very dearly in fact, and was hoping to see what they would come out with next, perhaps in a facial spray (a product Elizabeth used to have in a former line in a former life) or sunscreen moisturizer to rival the Josie Maran I also love dearly.

Apparently the former was definitely in the works, much to my delight, as well as a Cleansing Oil. As the day grew nearer to it's launch on July 15, I would see more and more teasing nips about the products, and I knew I would definitely be among the first to enter my credentials on the site and click "check out" for at least one of these new items.  

Photos above: One Love Organics

Sure enough, I was clamoring for the Vitamin D Active Moisture Time Release Mist as soon as I got to my desk the morning of the product launch. A few keystrokes later, I had ordered a bottle, and within about an hour I had a shipment notice in my inbox and I was doing a happy little chair-dance. 

Up until this product's release, I had only used a few facial spray products, most recently the Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, listed as one of Martha Stewart's "very good things." And, sure I do like it quite a lot. It's inexpensive, I can pick it up at Ulta or Nordstrom when I run low, and it's quite refreshing on my face. However it's not entirely natural, and there is at least one ingredient in there that I am not 100% sure I am happy with, which could easily be removed without compromising the product's efficacy. Since it's worked well for me up until now, and I haven't found a replacement without said ingredient, I stuck with it.  

Meanwhile, I was looking for a new and more natural product, and lo and behold, my new favorite natural skincare line puts one out just as I am about to start a new bottle of my old standby...

Photo: Me, of my bottle

Late last week, I received my new spray in it's gorgeous packaging and a little sample of the new Cleansing Oil, that, despite my love for the DHC, I really liked the sample of. Really liked. A lot.  It was different, but good different.

Photo: Me, of my tiny One Love Organics Family 
(well the current active rotation anyway, I have many more samples!)

Back to the topic at hand.  I have now been using this fantastic EH4OLO Vitamin D Mist for about a full week as of this posting, and I. LOVE. IT. It's just as refreshing as I expected, but with the added benefit of vitamins and more long term moisture. I don't feel like when it evaporates that the act of evaporation takes any moisture back out of my skin if I am too slow to slather on my moisturizer or Vitamin C Serum. I have already noticed a marked improvement in how well my face retains moisture, and it's definitely helped in the way I "molt" with my retinoid cycle, no doubt due to the inclusion of aloe in this product, and I only just started using it last week.  I can only assume that will get better as I continue.  When I shake the bottle, I leave the cap on just because I had a little weird leakage out of the top, but I just let that collect in the cap and tap it into my hand and blot it on. No harm, no foul. 

For more information on the product and the ingredients, you can check out the writeup on the One Love Organics Blog, which explains how the product and the patented delivery method keeps your face hydrated all through the day.

Great job on this product, ladies, it's aaah-mazing!  I might need this in a smaller (1oz?) travel size now, too, since I don't check bags... and a jumbo 4-6 oz size...options!

I'll do an update/fuller review later as I use more of this product. 

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