Sunday, May 29, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Tumi Capra Travel Wallet

As several of you know, I like big wallets. Big, Constanza-sized wallets. I have no idea what I need such space for but it's nice to have a big zippy wallet that holds lots of cards and the checkbook, and stows all the receipts I inevitably save. I have lusted after this quite a while in the orange shade, the perfect shade of Hermes orange, no doubt, and when I happened into a Tumi store at Mall of America last week I had to finally buy it. I paid $278 for this wallet, in a GORGEOUS green, only to find out it went on sale on their website like three days later!  Since they couldn't do the price adjust, I returned the one I got in Minneapolis back to the store by mail for a full refund and rebought online where it was almost half price on the urging of the store manager.  I ended up buying the green, the orange and then a small coin purse in green also, because it would make a good bar hopping wallet that can go in the swingpack I also picked up at the Coach outlet.  For perhaps $50 more I got three items vs just the one.  So I am nothing if not thrifty. I buy what I want at the best price I can get.

Even with all my stuff stowed in it, it's still extremely light and slim, and doesn't seem bulky at all. My purse is already heavy enough on it's own but this definitely is not adding to it, which is good. The zips are smooth, and there are lots of slots for various things. I don't typically carry many cards, and really should not carry any, but I have no ability to keep cash for things I actually need.  I may need budgeting help.

Here's some pics. I seriously LOVE this wallet. The only thing I might change about it would be to add a couple horizontal card slots on the left side too like the Juicy one was but all in all...more than enough room.  It's quite a lovely shade, and I am so glad I have a backup.


  1. Do you still have those wallets? Would you be willing to sell one? I have one in red and want to buy my Mom one but they’re discontinued!

  2. I don’t still use them because I’ve downsized what I carry considerably, but I have unfortunately sold both of them a while back. I’m sorry!


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