Sunday, May 29, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW/Faceoff: Chanel Corrector Perfector VS Maybelline Fit Me

So before I took the Chanel back, I attempted a side-by-side with the Maybelline. Similar consistencies, though for $6 and change the coverage of the Maybelline was MUCH better. Bear in mind that the color of this Maybelline is not right, though even the right shade (20 in pics 10 is better though), its still requiring a few coats. But for $6 and change that trumps $40 a tube in a second.

The Chanel is very silicone heavy. But it seems like it wipes itself away. The Maybelline is less so, and blends nicely, though a lot better with fingers vs sponge.

Neither does a whole lot to whack my circles, so there's that. But if I was in a dire situation it might be worth checking the Maybelline out, maybe to layer with the Cover Girl Fresh Complexion Undereye I like.

Pics--In these pics, the Maybelline is on the left side of the pic, the Chanel on the right.  Comparatively, the color of the Chanel is less garish, but when I got the right Maybelline one, #10, it looks a lot less orange.

One coat of each:

Two coats of each with Powder.

I would easily buy the Maybelline Fit Me again, but that Chanel, at $40 a whack is ludicrous.

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