Sunday, May 29, 2011


While on a totally rad girl's weekend, I went to the Nordstrom at Mall of America. I made a beeline for a few things, one of which was the Chanel counter to pick up this product.  It's retailing for $40, and had it been worth every penny I wouldn't have batted an eye, as I am sure you are aware concealer is my thing since I have serious undereye craziness.

Short version:
If you like your concealer to, I dunno, conceal things, then this is not the product for you to drop $40 on.

Long version:
It's extremely sheer for starters, which is something  that drives me nuts. Who buys concealer wanting it to be sheer? Isn't that why you'd just use foundation? It's billed as Medium-to-Full coverage. Yea this is neither medium nor full anything.  It lasts all day, sure, but if it's not covering anything, why do I want it to stay put?

The colors are ...well...typical Chanel: Not enough shades, not good enough shades. I think had this been a shade lighter it would look less ridiculous on my face. It was actually REALLY orange. I get it, orange cancels blue, I've been a designer for many years, I know how the color wheel works. But ....this is actually not going to aid anyone.  I actually look worse with it on than without.

I returned this within a few days. I kept trying to get it to work. I layered it to no avail. I did compare it to the Maybelline Fit Me which I hoped might also be worth a go. Ill review that separately.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're going to spend $40 on something, it should NOT be this. No coverage, funky colors. Overall not worth the price.

One coat:

Two Coats:

Three coats after powder:

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